Jul. 11th, 2011

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Took a short break from my endless uphill battle last weekend to hang out with Paka and Prickvixen. Was kind of nice though at some point I became a little weirdly self-conscious of how brutish I've become. Spending all summer digging into the side of a mountain has turned me into Popeye.

Digging is still slowly continuing. I had thought we were past the difficult part but then I decided that the first stair above the landing needed to be wider to accommodate the railing and to look nice and that resulted in having to move an extra couple tons of hard clay and sandstone. Then a little further up the hill, I was clearing future work area and discovered that the leach field to the septic tank system was A) not where it was supposed to be and B) not buried deep enough. So now that will have to be moved. Has made for a rather depressing week.

I guess that just means I'll be in even better shape though. :/ Seriously, if anyone is feeling like they want to lose a few dozen pounds and put on some serious muscle, I have buckets and shovels and pick axes. I'll be your personal trainer down at Dirt's Gym.

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