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Just a quick ping of stuff I've been listening to and enjoying lately.

Cory Doctorow's Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom... In a near future world where scarcity and death have been eliminated, the dominant world culture has come to be known as 'The Bitchin' Society'. The only currency that matters any more is social currency.

It's a fun story. Kind of fluffy and definitely has a lot of its headspace taken from or shared with Snowcrash.

Crusade by Greg Crites. Do you like Hunter S. Thompson? Greg Crites really REALLY likes Hunter S. Thompson. Imagine if HST went to do some investigative reporting on organized religion. This book is an homage to HST's work. Same style, similar situation and pairing of characters. If you really like HST, you might actually find this a bit grating because the style feels so deliberately cribbed. Entertaining, but not very deep.

Max Quick: The Pocket and the Pendant by Mark Jeffrey. What if time stopped for the whole world? Everyone but you, that is? How would you react? This is the kind of book I'd have truly loved when I was in school. It feels like fiction for teens and thus far is doing a great job of just being a really good story and not dumbing down too much. The characters and their understanding of the world are feeling pretty solid so far. I've not read the Harry Potter books, but from the movies and the understanding that books are generally more sophisticated than films, I'd assert that if you like those, you'd probably enjoy this. (Though I reserve the right to change my opinion if it all goes south later in the book)

Letsee. Other stuff... The sci-fi short-fiction podcast "Escape Pod" just completed running this year's Hugo award nominations. There's some pretty good stuff there. Definitely worth a listen. The associated podcasts "Pseudopod" (horror) and "Podcastle" (fantasy) have also had some good shorts recently.

That's all for now. Enjoy!


Sep. 8th, 2008 11:49 am
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Aw man. DarkAge ended today. Save for Chasing the Bard, this has been my favorite podcast for the past several months. It's not the absolute best writing but it's one of those that took me back. The premise is much like the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. A group of people from Default World get swapped into their characters in the Realm of Dark Age and stuff happens from there. If you want to load up on gaming nostalgia, definitely check it out at

Speaking of podcasts, I might as well give a quick run down of other stuff I've been listening to.

Chasing the Bard ended a few weeks ago. It was definitely far and away my favorite podcast series. Shakespeare, the fey, and excellent writing. Good stuff. :)

Nocturnal is Scott Sigler's current story. While he's still not my favorite artist and I enjoyed some of his other worlds more, I have been meaning to mention for a while that he seems to be doing a bit better at portraying female characters lately. I can't lay my finger on exactly what's different but they're feeling less superficial than some of his earlier work. He's definitely maturing as a writer and becoming better for it. Heh. That reminds me. I never mentioned that he did a panel at Baycon and, just on a whim, I went out to the hall, bought a beer, wandered up to the front, said "Beer-o-gram", dropped it off with him and left. :)

Last one I'll mention for today is 12 Volt Theater's Down the Road It's a bit like Svankmajer's take on Alice in Wonderland crossed with a Choose Your Own Adventure book. It's a weird little ARG with a pretty solid surreal setting. I have sort of oddly mixed feelings about this one. The story itself ranges between interesting and grating for me, but the world-building and flavor text is consistently hitting interesting buttons for me. It's probably got pretty strong appeal for most PBM people.

Okay. That's it. I need to get back to work or I'll be here until midnight. :)

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