Jun. 13th, 2011

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By the time this summer is over nobody will wanna mess with me. ^_^

We spent the weekend digging and hauling buckets of dirt and gravel up and down the side of the mountain. I can now curl a 5 gallon bucket full of dirt (about 50 lbs) and I'm carrying around 60lb retaining wall blocks like they are almost nothing.

On a sadder note, my 50-dollar concrete saw rig that I built last year finally gave up the ghost but we're in a little better financial shape this year so we went ahead and bought a Diamond MK-101. Lots of wallet-hurt but... In terms of time spent, it does the job a lot faster and cleaner. We still had to modify it somewhat to suit our needs but the modification required was easier due to its design and we did it with steel instead of wood so it's a lot more structurally sound.

It's been a really tool-heavy weekend actually. In addition to the brick and tile saw, we also got a heavy duty hammer drill (I had to cut a 4" diameter hole through a brick) and a chainsaw blade for my angle grinder. I'm pretty sure this is the most dangerous tool ever made. It's a spinning wheel of grim death and destruction. The neat thing about it though is that you can use it side-to-side which you can't do with a chainsaw so it's good for doing wood sculpting. So now I have this notion of transforming the redwood stumps in the back yard into sculptures of some sort. :)

Anyhow. We're both still alive and have the correct number of limbs and digits so weekend was a success, I guess.

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