May. 17th, 2011

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Watching this film, "A Dream In Doubt" on Independent Lens this morning. It's one of those things that really makes me depressed. This guy lost two of his brothers to ignorant hateful assholes that can't see past skin color.

Of course it's not 'hate crimes', of course it's not a prevalent mentality in our nation. No no. It's always just one guy and he's 'mentally ill'. It's not his fault he went and murdered someone.

The worst part, they thing that really REALLY bothers me. Many of these ignorant fucks have gone out to 'shoot some towelheads' in 'retribution' for 9/11. So they target Sikhs. YOU DUMB FUCKING IGNORANT RACISTS! Sikhs aren't muslims. Christians are MUCH closer to muslims than Sikhs. Sikhs are a monotheistic offshoot from Hinduism. They've got a lot more in common with Buddhists. Many Sikhs fled Punjab for the United States because they were being persecuted by a radical sect of Islam.

Well done! Bin Laden would have been proud of you!


May. 17th, 2011 07:49 am
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Say goodbye, 4th amendment.

Reagan and the Bushes have done their job well.

Oh sure, it's just for drug dealers, it'll never affect _US_.

Of course, the police just have to believe you're committing a crime. You know. A child goes missing in your neighborhood. ANYONE could be the abductor. Better smash down the doors of every house. I SWEAR I thought I heard a baby crying!

Me, I don't smoke pot. I don't have any illegal downloads. All my software is registered and legal. So yeah, it'll probably never affect _ME_... Although... When I lived in an apartment, I did sometimes take the battery out of the smoke alarm because it went off when I got out of the shower. That's a crime.

Sure, I'd be paranoid to think they police are going to haul me off for tampering with a fire alarm in my own apartment. But if I were some 'undesirable' minority in a place where they 'don't like my kind', it might be enough.

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