May. 16th, 2011

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Noooo! Not anti-noodlin' laws! What's this world coming to? And seriously. Look closely at that photo. If it's any indication, the catfish are winning!

New Family

May. 16th, 2011 06:15 pm
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On Saturday, we adopted two new kittens into our home. Gizelle (AKA the troublemaker) and Inky, the thoughtful one.

We talked about it quite a bit. In a perfect world, I'd rather adopt adult cats than kittens because I know it's harder for them to find good homes. We met one cat who was quite beautiful and I really ached to take her home with us but it wouldn't have been good for Ashley (or little cat)

Ashley is a sweet kitty but she's really small (only 7lbs) and .. To be blunt, Hazel was never nice to her. She's spent her entire life not having someone she can play with and cuddle with and wouldn't have been fair to her to bring home an adult cat that would quickly dominate her.

But at the same time, she does need someone else around. She didn't eat for a couple of days after Hazel left. She's been standing by the door or cat carrier meowing, asking when Hazel was coming home. I guess we've all been missing her a lot.

Anyhow. It seemed best we adopt sooner because we can't leave her alone for a week when we go to Burning Man. Nor could we board her anywhere (it would cause her way too much stress) so.. We went and looked at a couple of shelters. I wasn't sure I could do it at first and I thought that 'no tabbys' would be the rule because I miss Hazel a great deal.

Naturally, Gizelle, a tiny tabby with a white blaze on her nose homed in on me the moment she saw me, climbed up in my lap and began purring up a storm. She is, of course, also a one-kitten wrecking ball.

Inky is shier, more quiet but he watches everything. he's also soft and fuzzy. He looks black but under bright light, he is in fact a very dark tabby with beautiful markings.

Ashley was pretty upset at first and she's still not interacting closely with them but at least she's stopped running from them in sheer terror. Hopefully it won't be much longer before she gets in on some of the cuddling and grooming. She's wanted a friend for a long time.

Right now, Inky and Gizelle are asleep in my lap. I still really miss Hazel and I've teared up again a few times but... little balls of purr do help. They'll never replace her but life must go on and it's good to have life in our home again.

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