May. 2nd, 2011

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Finally good weather again. Hurray!

Spent all weekend working on the stairs. [personal profile] centauress is still down with pneumonia so I didn't let her work much and did most of the heavy lifting myself. I moved a ton of dirt (probably literally). I've got everything dug out up to the first landing and switchback. What that really means is that we're nearly done with the hard part. I was able to just drop some stones ont he ground and give us a rough set of stairs connecting back to the old stairs. Finally, no more gang plank!

Of course, we'll still have to do a lot of work on the switchback. It will need a structural retaining wall but for the rest of the way up, I won't be doing nearly as much deep digging as I have at the bottom. Also, finally out of where the big tree roots were. Things should be a lot faster/easier from here on up. The steps that are done so far are looking really good and of course are much easier to walk and much safer than the old ones.

I am considering doing some sort of archway or gate down just before the first switchback though. Both to establish a sense of space and to help hide how much I had to dig into the hillside for the first bit. (The bottom of the hill was really steep) We've got a couple of ideas. Just have to figure out what will work well.

Anyhow, I'm happy. We're finally out of the really hard part. Next is the: Needs to be most structurally sound part but that's not nearly as difficult as what we've been doing. After that, everything else is easy. Overall, that's been the worst thing about this project. We had to cut our teeth on the most difficult portion.

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