Mar. 28th, 2011

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Saturday night I put together a basic brandenberg styled coat made from a tablecloth I bought at closeout at Christmas for 2 dollars, some fun-fur that has been sitting in my art supply bins for the past decade, and some fabric from the discount table at JoAnne's.

It was an interesting process. My plan was to make some simple, cheap, and comfortable fun rave-type wear to donate to people at Burning Man. They were supposed to be some things that I could knock out in a couple of hours and, indeed, the shell and lining, I did have done very quickly. However, I decided to do a fur trim on it and it turned out my machine wasn't happy with the idea of doing fur. I futzed with it for several hours before giving up and stitching the fur by hand.

I have this funny thing about making coats for raves. I try to make them where they're right on the edge of something you could wear in the normal world day to day and indeed, I do wear mine just like that. I almost always do very weird interiors to the coat. I think it's become kind of symbolic to me in a way. The inside world is more exotic and beautiful than the face we show the world.

I don't know who will get this coat. As I sewed this became an interesting matter of contemplation. I have friends and sometimes I make stuff for them but there are some friends I haven't made stuff for. I wonder how they might feel that I make something for a random stranger and put many hours into making it. I wonder what the eventual owner will be like and how I'd feel if they were different types of people and how they might feel about the piece I've created. I'm curious about them. Part of me wants to leave a note in the pocket which says, "After burn, please e-mail me a photo or send me a story you had on the Playa." I think this is important to me because a lot of why I create things like this is to enhance the experience of others in hopes that they will create their own stories and they too will also keep a little of that magic and spread it to others.

Questioning my own motives was also something I explored in depth while working. Why I do these things, what I'm trying to get out of it? It's a sort of empty philanthropy in a way. I mean Burning Man and raves aren't exactly feeding starving kids in the 3rd world or helping flood victims. It's rather banal. And there's every possibility that the coat might end up a prop for an alcohol-fueled fratboy type. But who knows, maybe if it did, it would change him just a little and really, who am I to judge a person's entire worth.

I guess there's also the question of how I should anonymously deliver the coat. I could simply donate it at one of the costume camps. I could wrap it in a gift box in deep playa with a note that says, "Are you cold and not feeling fabulous? If yes then, this is for you. Have a wonderful Burn."
I think the later will make it a more magical experience but it also requires more planning. has to be somewhere where someone will find it and it won't get run over or dirty or leave moop etc.

Anyhow. Lots of interesting odd little thoughts and lots of self-esteem stuff. On the whole I think it was a pretty good experience though I was hoping I might get two coats out of the tablecloth instead of just one. But... Easter is right around the corner. I'll keep an eye out for more discounted materials.

So... How'd it turn out? (Please ignore my hair, I'm getting it cut and then recoloring it in a couple of days) Not bad for a tablecloth. It's certainly comfy. Of course, it's what's inside that counts and... Well.... This coat is made for Burning Man, the dark carnival and.. It was time I tried something new so... While no sane person ever would...

This coat is reversible )

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