Feb. 23rd, 2011


Feb. 23rd, 2011 11:38 am
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I'm still trying to find a balance between things I want to do and available time. Math, programming, art, guitar, music, go. Oh, and gardening, home projects, burning man projects, and I'd like to learn electronics, read more, finish school. I also have commited time to And have some social time too maybe. I suppose not giving up my day job should also be in there somewhere. As long as I don't want much, you know?

Anyhow, I've been getting in more guitar practice lately. Finding, happily that despite a little time lapsing I didn't really lose much and I'm picking up where I left off pretty easily. Another 5 or 10 years and I might actually be competent enough to perform in front of friends without dying from embarrassment.

My other shredding has been sketchbooks. That ones feels really odd. But... I'm trying to live with less stuff these days and that means eliminating some useless old junk. Of course, old sketchbooks aren't useless. There's some interesting ideas in some of them and it's nice to see how my work has progressed. Still, they take up a lot of shelf space. So... I've been cutting the spines off them and throwing them in the automatic document feeder tray of my scanner and storing them in a much more compact way. Won't be quite the same but it's a lot less bulky and really easier to flip through them.

That said, looking at my sketchbooks from 2002... Wow. I've actually made a LOT of progress. I'm still by no means a master but my work is getting a lot less painful to look at. It seems like up to 2004 (as far as I've gotten in this process so far) the biggest jump in terms of quality was at the same time I was taking a design class at DeAnza. It was actually a rather good class. I can't even remember the professor's name but she helped me out a lot. Thanks nameless instructor.
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I bought some more cultures for edible mushrooms today. While I thought about it, I did not buy any Panellus Stipticus (One of the brightest mushrooms for producing foxfire)

However, I mentioned it at work and one of my co-workers was curious about it so I find a wikipedia article for him and then noticed that under the entry on Foxfire that Ben Franklin had suggested using it as the lighting system aboard the turtle. Heh heh heh.

You have to wonder about the founding fathers. Washington growing hemp, Franklin knowing about glow-in-the-dark shrooms (not to mention being a peacenik quaker) And then all that equality and freedom for all and no military and freedom of religion stuff. Face it. They were a bunch of damn hippies. :)

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