Jan. 18th, 2011

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A bit over a year ago, I realized there was something wrong with the way I did my artwork. A thing that made it inefficient and not work.

I haven't posted a lot of art the past year because I've been working on correcting that issue by trying to keep some stuff in my head and studying the work of other people and things like that. So. Lots of practice, little actual output.

Anyhow, the results of that effort were less than impressive. Below the cut is a small sampling of stuff I've drawn between Christmas and now:

Click here for sketches )
pasithea: glowing girl (Default)
I had a really fun time at FC this year. I saw a lot of old friends, made a few new ones, did a LOT of dancing, and had my first experiences with Tai Chi and Gung Fu.

I also did a lot of drawing...

I can see furever by ~dv-girl on deviantART

I spent a couple hours Saturday doing this so I could spring it on people later in the evening. I've had a good time with it and I might make a scaled up version of it to build a trip-trap on the playa (depending on cost and a couple other factors)

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