Jan. 12th, 2011

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On a more positive note.. I'll be wearing tails to a furry convention for the first time this year.

Scrap Captain by ~dv-girl on deviantART

I'm really happy with this coat. I made it out of scraps from a previous project that I gave to a friend and so it's a zero waste sort of thing plus it reminds me of a friendship.

This is literally _all_ of the material. The biggest remaining scrap is about 6"x8" so I'm really pleased with that. However, the design and layout took absolutely _forever_ I spent an entire day designing the pattern, pinning and repinning stuff until I got what I wanted.

Hurray for after-christmas sales too. I went and bought tissue paper for christmas wrapping to use for creating my patterns. A lot less hassle than construction paper or newsprint and much cheaper than buying tissue paper from the fabric store.

I should at some point take a photo of the interior too. It's blue with darker blue stripes and red interference. Subtle but very attractive and feels really nice. ;)

Heh. Actually, I should take photos of the interiors of all of my coats. I have this funny habit of putting really nice fabric inside my coats. Kind of my secret treasure in them that no one else gets to experience. ^_^

Anyhow... I guess I've taken yet another inevitable step towards crazy space captain.

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