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I've listened to this story a few times. It is often there, gnawing at the back of my mind. I'd have to say it's my favourite of the podcast stories I've ever listened to. Something about it is just a little too close to home. Fills my head with shadows. Makes me scream and smile at the same time. I know Jack and Myrriden and Little Boy Leg Bone.

If you ever saw the 'joke' last strip of Calvin and Hobbes and it made you feel something painful and indescribable like a half-forgotten memory and an empty stomach, this story may get into your head.

Good show...
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Horrible 1950's educational films loaded with bullshitology! Also some rather homo-erotic aristotle stuff.

Doctor Science Man has all the answers in 1950's world.

The human brain contains tiny men with lots of levers.
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Well, now that they're completely passe', I finally got those white-noise-makes-a-picture-if-you-stare-at-it-long-enough type stereoscopics to work for me... Sorta... I can see them now and they're pretty neat, but I see them in reverse. Like if it's supposed to protrude from the page, it recedes into the page. Not so bad when it comes to letters or shapes but things like cats and people it's a little weird. There was a book of them sitting in the MOC and I had a half hour to kill during a pass. (Okay, I could have been working on another project in the interim but a half hour coding with likely interruptions isn't really generally worth it)

Anyhow, problem 2 with those things is that once I was able to see them, I had difficulty stopping seeing them. I tend to find shapes in irregular patterns anyhow. I often see faces, animals, and machines in the pattern of carpet fuzz or bathroom linoleum. Once I saw the images, I understood how they worked and thought about making a computer program that would generate them but I also started seeing them everywhere. Even text on a screen starts to form patterns that warp in 3D space. I dreamed them last night.

On the plus side, it's given me a new way of experiencing 3D form and I now have a trick for looking at relatively plain objects and pulling them into a new dimension. Probably take some time to be able to draw things in that headspace though.
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Being a zombie was interesting. There were a number of aspects to it that I feel like writing about.

First off, I think the concept of this mob was great because you didn't have to neccisarily bring anything. If you were someone that easily suffers from Stage Fright, all you really needed to do was wait until you saw the mob and flash them the sign and they did the rest. After that, you're all covered in gore and in the mob so what's to lose? Mob mentality takes over and you aren't afraid to crawl weirdly up the stairs in the Apple store.

Second, being dead really does give you a new outlook on life in many different ways. There were a lot of people that were like, 'Woah! What's that! Zombies! OMFG ZOMBIES!!!!' and there were a lot of people that were like, 'AWSOME!!!!' grabbed a camera. So many photos. Then, much like Shaun of the Dead there were a lot of people that were even more zombified than the zombies. They didn't notice the zombies until they were surrounded by a shuffling mob of moaning undead. Then there were the digified people who tried not to notice, and last and least, the few whingy late teen boys that were like, 'Du. that's so stupid! These people are so lame.' Though they were a small but vocal minority, they gave me the most pause for thought. 1) As a member of a group that I had no emotional attachment to whatsoever, I was able to look at their responses with complete detachment and not feel defensive or angry at them but instead feel completely sorry for them that they couldn't enjoy what literally thousands of other people (not even counting the zombies) were getting such a total charge out of. 2) I felt a bit sorry for my younger self because I recognize a time in my life when I might have been one of them. Particularly towards people like [ profile] queenofstripes and [ profile] xydexx. The last thing I learned about people is that even in character as a zombie I seem to be a lot more alert than most of the mainstream. Being a zombie gave me some insights into what it must be like to be 'normal'. Just shuffling along with the flow and never really doing anything else. I may never make anything of myself but I spend every day on fire. Some additional slurs towards the 'average american' here. )

The last few interesting things about being a zombie really came after being a zombie. The weird looks I got in the women's room were hilarious. When people stared I just said, "Tragic Lipstick Accident." (I was covered in red) And finally, after I put on normal clothes again (haha! Jon and I stripped in a parking garage! There's something I'd not have done 5 years ago) I was walking around for about half an hour expecting surprised expressions on people's faces when they looked at me because I'd gotten used to being something people slackjawed at.

Anyhow.. Zombiness was good. Chinese food was good. Hanging out with Jon without our whole entourage was the best.

Now I'm going to take that nap.


Jul. 30th, 2005 11:48 am
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So. Peggy was gone when I got home last night, just like that. Poof. I didn't really say goodbye. I guess I thought she'd still be there when I got home last night. So I guess my last words were um, 'I think I'm going to go take a shower.' Although when I was headed to bed, I was singing that song that goes 'We'll meet again, don't know how, don't know when, but sometime we'll meet again..' It'd played on one of the 40's music programs I've been listening to and stuck in my head (likely for obvious reasons) I guess it's as good a way as any to exit. Sort of odd though, to just fade like a radio station as you drive out of range.

Things are trudging along. The house is cluttered badly. So much left to do.

Last night I made thai curry and invited Ashy and Jeff over (Dascha and Julia are gone for the weekend so Jeff was alone) Seemed very quiet. Odd. Peggy never really made much noise but she was always around. Psycho sematic, I guess.

So. That's all on that. I haven't heard from Jon so I may skip the zombie thing. Who wants to have their brains eaten alone? Besides, I really should be packing and working and such. *sigh* Howcome fun stuff always has to happen when I'm broke and in crisis? I swear that I'm not like that all the time.


Dec. 10th, 2003 11:52 am
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Over the last few days I've made a sort of interesting observation. I'm always hearing people talk about Gaydar (IE: The ability to spot other gay people at a distance) and I've always thought that it was really more of an assumption based on visual cues the person was putting out. Recently I've gathered a little more evidence to support this and now I find the interesting question I am asking is who many cues does it take for one to be convinced someone else is in their subculture.
I'm going to extrapolate from 'gaydar' to 'subculture sense'. Because Stacey wrecked the car, I've been bicycling to work. I wear predominately earthtnes and black and dress somewhat conservatively anyhow. Because it's cold and I'm bicycling, I've taken to wearing a headscarf under my bicycle helmet. It keeps my hair from getting tangled and keeps the wind out of my ears (I get bad earaches otherwise) So.. Unlike when I did this riding the motorcycle, I'm removing my helmet in a public space now and staying outside in the cold so I have not been taking off the scarf.
What makes this interesting is that I live in a neighborhood with a strong muslim presence. Combined with the other attributes of my dress, the scarf seems to make me ping on their radar. I've noticed lots more curious glances from middle-eastern men than ever in the past. there's a weird sort of non-verbal communication thing that happens with this. I feel them looking, I give a glance back to say 'I'm not' and it gets understood and they stop looking at me. This has happened about 8 times in 3 days so it's more than coincidence and really kind of fascinating. White people have not changed the amount they look at me. Much like gay subculture, the cues aren't relevant to another subculture so it doesn't garner any additional interest.
Of course, these are just my observations and I could be totally off-base but it is an interesting thing to speculate on. Next time I catch myself glancing at someone and wondering about them, I'll take a more in-depth look at what drew my attention to them.

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Wowsa. You know... I saw some of these when Crissa and I went to see 'The Matrix' but I didn't make the connection.

I now know what the Matrix REALLY is! It's a secret plot to trick impressionable young men into wearing suits and ties! This, Men in Black, it's all a plot! A sneaky insidious social engineering going on right under our noses!

Ohwell. I like dressed-up guys. :)

Hermit Cats

Oct. 4th, 2003 12:16 am
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... Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

Our cats are funny creatures. We seem to have inadvertently trained a very peculiar behaviour into them. About two weeks ago our house was rampantly infested with these really awful fleas. Like we'd bathe the cats in flea shampoo and it wouldn't even kill the ones on them and they'd be crawling with them again 5 minutes after they got out of the bath. (And yes, we were keeping the bulk of their body submerged in soapy water long enough it should have killed any fleas) Poor babies. They're indoor cats and seem to have got the fleas from the dogs next door (best I can figure) but they were so miserable they would come and ASK to be bathed and not put up resistance to said bathing. O_O

Anyhow, they were getting chewed to pieces so we bathed them thoroughly and got them so Advantage and quaranteened them to the bathroom (which has no carpet for fleas to nest in) for a couple of weeks. They were both so sick and flea-bitten they didn't even resist. :/ So. We went and bought them a bunch of toys and made sure we spent at least a half hour a night playing with them so they wouldn't be too miserable in their confinement. Also gave them each a cat carrier to use as sorta a kitty cubby hole.

So... Now, a couple weeks later, the door is open and I discover we have hermit cats. They're totally attached to their cat carrier shells. They seem to believe they are keeping them safe from the fleas and so they only come out of them long enough to eat and use the bathroom. Augh! What have I done to their poor kitty brains!?!?!?

And now...
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Did I mention I kissed a monkey yesterday? Er. Well. Okay. Not a whole monkey. Just some monkey lips. :) Our instructor brought several of the replacement mouths for MonkeyBone to class last night. They were so cool! Resin casts! I wanted to steal one but I didn't. Anyhow, there was a kissy face one and just being the wingnut I am I went, "OOOOH! *SMOOCH*" Ista lucky thing that animation students are all weirdos and people just thought it was funny. Various people were also trying the mouths on their ears and such like.

They were very cool. Basically just a registered resin cast of an original sculpture. I'm not sure though if they were two-part mould and detailed with a dremmel tool or if they were a 1-part using a lost wax cast type of thing. I guess they must have been 2 part moulds now that I think about it, but they were way way way above my skill level. O_O

To wrap up animation news for the day, I got a lot done on the cat yesterday afternoon and I read a book on working with clay so I'm feeling more armed on that. Especially for sets and lip-synch.

Oh! 'n' Stacey bought me a 14ft Firewire cable so now I can move the camera around my work area and get much better shots and lighting. Yay! I'm gonna try to do a couple different animations this weekend. Wirehead skating around and shouting, "WHEEE!!!!! WHEEEE!!!!! LOOK AT ME!!!! I'M FRICKIN' GUMBY!!!!" and then plowing headlong into a Physics book. I think I'm also gonna try doing some Strata Clay. I have a semi-ambitious idea for an FCTV thing. I may wait a week on that though.

Err. right. Did I mention that Film Finals submission deadlines are next Thursday O_O No problem. I only have about 3 minutes of cat to animate. (Witness my dillusion) Oh... And I ran into my digital video instructor from the fall quarter and he strongly hinted that I should clean up and submit my 'Sam Antha: Private Director' movie. O_O... Eeee. Well. I think I can only submit stuff from winter and spring quarters so I may be off the hook on that one but he definetely expects me to submit something, so I'd better get back to work on that darn cat.
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*bouncebouncebouncebounce* I know a secret!!!!! It's soo cool!
Stacey gave me a brandnew DVD copy of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' for my birthday and I watched it today and I saw SOMETHING IMPORTANT!

... I know who Judge Doom really was! :)

The scene just before RK Maroon gets killed, there's a poster on the wall for 'Pistol Packing Possum'. In the picture, he is dressed like a bank robber, same sort of style as the weasels. He also has glowy red eyes... Its only on the screen for a second, and then... When Eddie sees the reflection of the gun about to shoot him, it's reflected on that poster. Finally, when Doom gets dipped, the paint colour he melts to is the same as the flesh tone for the character in the poster.

Wow. I am such a total nerd! I'm totally stoked because I was all like, "WOW!!! I know who Doom is!!!! :)"
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Every Action Has a Consequence


(Why I was late to work Today)

Everything we do has some set of consequences attached to it whether we realize it or not. Usually these chains are transparent, it's only rare that we get to see them. Such a case caused me to be late to work today and I shall now explore it in detail.

Two weekends ago, I stayed up late goofing off because I was avoiding working on the bunny animation. the next morning I almost forgot to film [ profile] roon at Santana Row and hurried off to do so at the last minute. Because of this, I forgot to water my plants which I'd planned to plant that afternoon. When i got home,t he plants were too wilty to be planted, I didn't want to shock them any further, so I watered them and delayed a week.

A week later (last Sunday) I did in fact get back to my garden to plant the plants. I kept bumping a Juniper bush which was filled with dead undergrowth and dead tree bits kept raining down in my hair, so I decided to clean the debris out of the shrub by shaking it and making all the loose debris fall down at once, which I did, and cleaned up afterwards.

After all that yard work, I wanted steaks that night and Stacey ([ profile] centauress) made them for me but neither of us cooked steaks often and she turned the first set into charcoal and had to buy another. While cooking the second set, she heard a squeaking up in the tree and shined a light up into it, to discover that in my shaking, I'd dislodged a nest of tree rats (not squirrels but not those icky kinds of rats that get in houses either).

Between my wrecking their nest and her shinng a light on them and identifying their nest, the rats apparently decided to move. Yesterday morning, there was a half-eaten rat on my front walk, apparently killed by one of the neighborhood cats.

This tastey rat morsel started a territory dispute between two of the neighborhood cats and they had a HUGE fight in my front yard, which made my cat go berserk and try to get at them through the venitian blind and window glass. She got tangled up and bent up the blind and cut Stacey ([ profile] centauress) to shreds in her beserker rage.

Last night Stacey wasn't able to sleep so well due to her lacerations and my fawning over her, so she got up with me this morning... and noticed one of the cats from the night before laying in the yard, looking pretty beat up. (The beast looks like Dragon from the Secret of NIMH. Huge, battle-scared, and blind in one eye) I went outside and found that it was still alive (though very very defensive). Its hindquarters seem to be paralyzed and when it tried to drag itself away from me, it knocked over my soda and made a mess, which delayed me a bit more. Then I gave it some food and water (which it almost ripped out of my hands, it was so thirsty) At this point, I left for work, (already 9:30) and remembered I still had to get fuel. Oy. I think Stacey called animal control because she had no idea what to do for the beastie. Much too dangerous to try touching/caging him.

So there you go. Slacking at animation leads to a whole food-chain of mayhem. Plants, rats, and cats. Plus a badly injured spouse, a wrecked blind, and late to work. O_O

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