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Sep. 6th, 2005 11:42 pm
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So.. I moved recently. I'm still too lazy to photograph the rest of my workspace (It'd require moving my camera, *gasp*) but here's a couple shots of the most importnat parts (IE the drawing table and the animation desk)

Also, in there are a couple of photos of the some modifications I made to the animation desk that I have. When I moved I decided that rather than having the little fold-up disc on my drawing table all the time, I could mount a light on the animation desk and leave the big table clear for other projects. So I built a mount onto the back of the animation desk and got a balast and a light switch and made a new light for it. I also bought a new clamp-light to fit on the desk for top lighting. So um yay! I have real and dedicated workspaces now. Also, if Jon or anyone else wants to come over and work on anything, I still have the foldup which I can stick on top of the desk or something. I've got the animation stand set up too and the computer and keyboard. This place looks like a real studio. Now if it just had a real artist to go in it!

Pictures here

The best part about this new workspace, of course is that nothing is cluttered. there's lots of open space where I can lay in the floor and read (as I did most of this weekend) or anything else I like. It's not like the old place where everything was very tight. More photos later, I promise. Maybe even some of me.

That was the other fun part of my weekend. There's a Goodwill within a short walk of the new house and unlike most Goodwill it has actually decent prices. Not to mention it was Labour Day weekend so all clothing was half off. So I spent half of Sunday crawling the store and getting some good stuff.

Anyhow, I'm off to bed now. Gotta fly a spacecraft tomorrow!

Ohohoh! One more thing. Gotta take photos of Stacey. ^_^ Yesterday I held her down and put a streak of red in her hair and painted her nails green and made her wear a collar and go shopping with me! >:D H0T!
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So... Most of the week has been kind of down I guess. I've been sort of depressive and angsty. Anyhow, yesterday I got Stacey to come visit me for a very very late lunch. We went and wandered around Palo Alto a little. Poked in a bead store and they had a sort of 'drawing sale'. You pull a random card and that's the discount you get on whatever you purchase that day. So... I drew their maximum discount 40%.
So, okay, it's a gimmick and that store is way overpriced but they do have a lot of the sort of beads I like. Rough-cut semi-precious stones. Their tools on the other hand are actually reasonably priced. So I got myself a strand of labradorite stones and a carbide-tipped auger and some little files. Even at 40% off, the labradorite was 2 to 3 times ebay prices. On the other hand, ebay has shipping costs and you can't be certain of the quality/clarity of the stones . So the 16" strand cost me $10 and I'm happy with that. I got some antiqued silver beads to go with it and I'm going to have Stacey pick out a moonstone pendant for a center piece and build it all into a necklace. I think it will look pretty sharp when its done.

After that, we went to school. For a change, my instructor didn't totally hate my work. I guess ostriches are a cartoony-enough animal for him. Or maybe he was surprised that in one evening I could build an ostrich, rig it (with no prior experience) and animate it. Anyhow. not so bad. Last night was one of the best classe sof the quarter I think. He was just discussing stuff with us and talking about the actual animation instead of standing in the front poking at things weirdly.

After school I told Stacey I wanted to unwind and go watch a movie. So we went to see The Haunted Mansion It was fun and I was really enjoying it right up until the climax scene, when I was really into the movie and suddenly... The fire alarm went off and they made everyone exit the movie theatre and stand outside in the cold for a half hour. With the spindown time of the project and the spin-up time of the projector we missed like THE 10 seconds of the movie, and while I could piece it together, the mood was totally utterly shattered. I asked before they started the movie up again if they would rewind like 2 or 3 minutes of it so the audience would miss it and they said 'no'. so I whinged and got two free movie passes out of it. Still kind of sucked. I got all wound up again. Ohwell. I guess I can look at it as just like the beads, I got something massively over-priced at around half-priced making it acceptably overpriced. :)

In retrospect, all in all it wasn't a bad day.

Foody bits

Nov. 25th, 2003 12:37 pm
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I keep forgetting to post this! Stacey are cooking a buncha food on Thursday. If anyone is hungry, stop by. :)
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Well. It's been an expensive weekend.

Yesterday we drove up to the city and got Stacey some new shoes for hiking because her current boots were falling apart. Kinda funny. She is usually so 'in and out as fast as possible' about shopping but not when it comes to shoes. With shoes she's very very fussy. So we went to Niketown and she spent about three hours trying on shoes before deciding on what she really likes for hiking together. :)

After Niketown, we made a stop for me at Good Vibrations. :} Urm. Well. That's all I needta say about that.

So... Last night after getting home and 'testing out the merchandise' as it were I got some wild urge to play the guitar and played for about two hours. Stacey has been nudging me to play ever since I was trying to write my own music for 'Free as a Bird' a few months ago. Anyhow, with a little serious practice type playing, I remembered why I'd stopped playing this particular guitar (aside from the fact that my ex hated it).... I guess I'd been shy about playing because of Chris. It's amazing how much stuff that guy ruined for me. Sometimes I haveta remind myself that Stacey is NOT Chris.

Quite the contrary. My really bad playing seems to make her very moony and... Goddess I miss playing music. Those two hours last night reawakened some part of me I'd lost. So... The guitar I have is... Well. Lets say it says 'Made in Korea' on it and has no brand name. It's 3/4 size with a floating bridge and the action is too high. The sound (surprisingly) isn't too bad for a guitar that I got for $20 at a pawn shop a decade ago but... Well. I had kept thinking I wanted something more even back then. I'd got that guitar with the thought that if I didn't learn to play I wasn't really out much. I have more money nowdays and I realized I really did want something better.

So.. Today I drove around and tried out about a half dozen guitars. Settled on a Fender DS-20S acoustic. I came home and played my new guitar for close to five hours. It's MUCH easier on my fingers but they were already bruised from the night before. And the sound... Wow... The sound was what sold me on this guitar. I'd found on guitar that I liked the sound reasonably well and it was very affordable (used Yamaha) but I drove to a couple more shops and looked, then came back to get the Yamaha. Since the sales guy was busy I poked around a little more while waiting and was drawn to this guitar and tried it.

Funny. I'm terrible at the guitar and even if I practice like I have the past couple of days it'll be months before I'm good enough that I dare let anyone else listen and yet I feel really happy about it. I'd forgot how much peace and happiness music brought me.

I used to love playing my flute until I got hit by the drunk driver and my face was smashed and I couldn't play anymore. So I tried to learn guitar because I missed music and then my boyfriend drove me from that as well. Stacey lays on the bed and smiles at me, reading her book while I play. Life is good.
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You know, there are much worse things that crackpot diet programs! I made a deal with the devil err. [ profile] centauress that if she could prod me into losing say 20lbs by the end of October, that I'd make/wear a costume to FC2004. O_O What's worse, I agreed that on nights I do not exercise as I am ordered to, she can tickle me mercilessly for a half hour solid (IE so I get that aerobic exercise in some cruel and unusual way)

I am so doomed.
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Hahaha! It's the attack of the mini-posts day!

I cross-linked my VCL art folder to my LiveJournal and my website. I wonder if it'll attract any nuts. :)

Ooooh! I also just discovered that I can just cut and past from iTunes to the current music line. :)
Life is good. I think I'm gonna make some food now and surprise Stacey. :)
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Stacey bought me dollar-bin music when she was in Santa Cruz last week!!! Lilith Fair 98, Clitstop, and a Santa Cruz 'Support your Local Musician'. Yay! totally eclectic collections. I so miss the second-hand book and music stores in Santa Cruz.

We used to go and buy piles of $1 and $2 CDs and funky 60's Sci-fi books for 50 cents a piece and then have a good time listening to/reading them. Some are even pretty good! :)


Jul. 27th, 2003 12:47 am
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I wassa bad girl. I haven't written my paper yet or got much done in the way of housework or artwork. Instead, I went hiking with [ profile] centauress, [ profile] merin, and [ profile] salia today. We went to Perry Grant again. Very very hot and that place is infested with wild pigs. *shiver* We musta seen at least a dozen of them including a male razorbacky-looking one complete with full-body mohawk. I fear the piggies!

We also saw about a dozen wild turkeys. Oooh! Turkeys are much cuter than wild boar. I like tha turkeys!

Anyhow. After we hiked in the hot hot sun for a long time, we went to the mall to cool down 'n' Stacey bought me this really nifty wooden snake which is what I stop-motion animated, then photoshopped a bit to make this icon on this post! :)

Not sure I'll keep the icon. The animation is a little rough. The snake, though is really cute and he's got a LOT of potential as a stop-motion animation puppet. I named him Mr. Slithers. :)

All in all, a fun day if a smidge unproductive. :)
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*sigh* Bad me! I wanted to animate on Saturday but decided to make a ton of sushi and have people over for lunch and then I fell asleep because I'd been up until 4AM the previous night and I slept for like 14hours and woke up on sunday. :/

So I was going to animate again on Sunday but it was so pretty out I thought we should go hiking instead and I figured I could do animation later in the evening.

It was a beautiful day. We went to Grant Park which the online parks guide describe as hot, barren, mostly vertical and largely unused.

They were mostly right. In the 6hours we were hiking, I think we ecountered maybe 20 people the whole time. Some of the trails also just sort of disappeared as they indeed had very little use. But as for barren? It was BEAUTIFUL! We went slow and took time to take in all the details. I think we encountered at least 30 different types of wild flowers and we found lots and lots of interesting animal prints and ruts.

We were guessing the ruts were from wild pigs... And what do you know, we were right. Scarry! We saw a big black wild sow. (She was obviously still nursing but we didn't see any piglets) EEEE! Did I ever mention I'm Oikaphobic? Pigs scare me. Especially wild pigs. At least that answered the question of what the mountain lions were eating. Oh. Did I mention that this park had warning signs about all the mountain lions? O_O

So, we hiked up and up and up to 2300 feet and back down to 1200 feet again. We climbed to the top of the tallest hill near our route and sat for a while. Very good view of the Lick Observatory from there. It was neat. I found a rattlesnake den. I didn't see/hear any rattlesnakes but I've encountered enough in the past to know a rattlesnake den when I see one. Didn't bother it, obviously.

It was a lot of hiking 'n' I'm not in such good shape these days so we were looking pretty dead for the last couple of miles or so but... Geepers, not quite this dead.... We were buzzed by these huge black birds with white underwings and red heads, coming within about 10 feet of us at one point. Stacey thought they might be California Condors but I thought they were too small (Although don't get me wrong, these things were enormous, like a 5 foot wingspan!!!!) and that they'd be mentioned as a feature of the park if they were CA condors.

A little google searching today makes me pretty sure they were Turkey Vultures (which look incredibly similar to California Condors, except that they only have about a 6foot wingspan instead of a 9foot wingspan. Eep. Still humongous though. I didn't think we looked that dead! O_O I also didn't think vultures would look quite so pretty. You always see scary creepy pictures of them on the ground and such but in flight they're pretty beautiful. Black and white with a brilliant red head. ... I wonder if that has any thing to do with black, white, and red being the colours used for death shrouds in native american cultures. Hmm.

Geepers. I'm random. Anyhow, to finish up and get back to work, had a GREAT day but got a bad sunburn cause someone decided that sunscreen was just needless weight in our pack and we finished the day off with a trip to Todai and ate like pigs and probably put right back on every pound we too off while hiking. O_O Cie la vie.
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The shelving unit fairy (or possibly gnomes) visited my house a few days ago. Last night Stacey put them together and up. They're huge. Perhaps now the 20 boxes of books stuck in every corner of the house and garage can finally be opened... Maybe. We have a LOT of books.

Anyhow, the odd thing is, all this cleaning and organizing has somehow made the house a total disaster area instead of ya'know... making it clean and organized. How's that work? Anyhow, gotta get it straightened up today. We've got company coming over tonight. (Yay!)
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That's what this post feels like. A nanosecond of information in a river of tailights. I'm currently going about a million miles per hour and don't expect to be able to stop for about two weeks. You guessed it. Finals time and me WAY behind schedule.

It was worth it though. I went with my partner to visit her family in Washington State. A twelve hour drive each way. I was really concerned about making a good impression. We've been legally 'married' (a notarized domestic partnership agreement) for approaching five years and this was my first visit to see her family, though I'd talked to her mother several times on the phone.

All in all, they were great and the trip went really well. Her sister is 12 but a really great kid. We took her to see Treasure Planet and went to watch her play indoor soccer (which is a really rough sport) So now I wanna play. Looked like they were having just too much fun. :) I wish we'd had more time, but I could barely get out of work for as long as I did and I really am gonna pay for letting my schoolwork get so far behind. Que sera sera. It was worth the trip. :)


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