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We visited Stacey's mom for the holiday, though I spent most of my time working or studying.

We did make it out to see Hugo which I quite thoroughly enjoyed. It's a fictional story about a boy and an actual person who I already really liked and I have some thin hope that this movie will revive enough interest in him that I'll see a DVD of some of his restored works come available sometime in the near future.

Also went to OMSI and toured the blueback and then went to the Body Worlds exhibit where I spent many hours studying muscle groups. The studies I made were weirdly crude but useful.

I only did a tiny bit of mushroom hunting. Found one shaggy mane in good enough condition to eat and a number of boletus zelleri which we had in a cream sauce yesterday evening.

Also found a few old blewits which I'm going to try to get a culture from and see if I can get a colony established here, and I came across a cute cluster of gymnopilus luteofolius. I also saw several dozen really lovely amanita vaginatas. Was almost tempted by their quantity and quality to try eating them but I'm just not confident enough in my amanita identification to try it. From what I've heard, they aren't really 'to die for' so why gamble it? :)
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