Jul. 14th, 2011

pasithea: tankgirlesque (tech)
This has been slowly building. The last few weeks I've frequently heard the typical straight guy lament about how women have all the perks in society and they're SO oppressed.

So, for contrast, here's one of today's headlines from FOX news. I'm not going to link to it because I won't give them the satisfaction of click through traffic but you can go to news.google.com and search for it yourself if you really want.

Girls on top at Google Science Fair

Oh yes. See! Women ARE doing better than men! I was wrong! Men are SO oppressed!

Take another look at that headline. "Girls on Top" Yes because you know, gender is THE most important thing about these students, not what they've created. And they aren't even women or young women of course, they're "girls" and they're 'Girls on Top' because that's hot and sexy and instantly conjures images of porn because that's all women are REALLY good for. I mean who fucking cares if we do amazing science, it's really all about whether or not you'd wanna fuck us.

Yes go ahead and call this an aberration and chalk it up to just being FOX News. It's not though. This is out there every single day. Yeah sometimes it's a little better masked or not said to our faces but it's constantly out there. You just don't feel most of it because it's not aimed at you. I have walked both sides of the fence. I do know that the chauvinism in our society is hurtful to men and boys and does them damage but it is not nearly as severe as our society's treatment of women. Little boys get huge amounts of privilege that little girls do not. Do you think I'd have been encouraged to keep studying computers in rural Oklahoma in the early 80s if I'd been born female? Hint: My mother kept me out of the gifted program because she "Didn't want to ruin my social life."

When young men have won similar awards the caption generally reads at worst: 'LOCATION youth ACTION-VERB SCIENCE-FIELD' like 'Oakland teen blows-away science fair with wind-energy design'. You'd never see, 'Boy can that boy blow!'

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