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May. 19th, 2011 10:00 am
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I posted my comment on the article at the site but thought I'd echo it here:

I don't think power is really the issue here. It's a combination of ego and stress. Power is just one thing that can lead to that situation. It's really more of getting into a pattern where one is not staying mindful.

This is fundamentally the same behavior as people in minimum-wage jobs who are apathetic towards their job and steal stuff. A person in survival mode has a much easier time of making justifications for actions. Stealing may be wrong but wrong is better than starving to death.What happens with people in power is that they tend to be in very competitive situations and believe that the fate of their family/company/the world is riding on their shoulders. They are, in effect, in survival mode.This is amplified by our competitive nature. If our troupe of bald-apes isn't doing as well as groupB's apes, even if we're doing quite well, we get stressed because SOME DAY those other apes might come for our territory!So, the real trick to staying the person with the qualities that made you a good leader in the first place is to keep track of your mortality. The world WILL go on without you. We're all replaceable. We're all going to die. Once you accept that, you can keep an open mind about ideas and other people and treat them with the respect they deserve. Any time you see some person or group of people as 'them' or 'the adversary', take a time out, put on their shoes, and try to imagine what their life has been like up to now.The conclusions in the article and of the tests are otherwise pretty logical and predictable. I just believe that the observed behavior is not directly related to power and is instead the symptom of a situation that is often exaggerated by power. I am however not a sociologist and YMMV.
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As time goes on, I only love this man more and more.
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Pretty cool filter. I'd totally play many games with that turned on. :)

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