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Now the blue screen of death emits the blue light of death. Congrats Windows!
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(stolen from Cargo, but hey, this should be a meme. If you're less than satisfied with the incompetent performance of our glorious leader. Why not take a moment to remind people.

I'm also leaching this photo. Find your own favorite picture of four years ago and share it.
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Wow... Plagiarizing keenspace comics..

How low CAN you go?
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When asked about the proposed amendment to ban desecration of the american flag, George Bush was quoted as saying, "I'll sign it."

Edit: Please feel free to cut and paste this where-ever you want!
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*sigh* 'kay. I thought it was just Law and Order: Criminal Intent that'd gotten stupid but the regular Law and Order in primetime is totally unwatchable. :(

So, like when did they fire the good writers and replace them with conservative ditto-heads anyhow?

In this episode, they're making a thinly veiled stab at the whole Michael Jackson child molestation story. Lots of implication that all gay men fantasize about and rape children. Hurray! Stabs at Bill Clinton's first MONTH in office. I mean come on. The make sarcastic comments about what a $200 haircut would look like, then what sort of person would have one (more homophobic rhetoric) and segway right into the child molestation.

This is a fine example of spin and bias. The right wing squealed like stuck pigs that Mr Clinton got a $200 haircut right after he got in office. They have CONTINUED to make a stink about it to this day. Hence the much more subtle media whoring of Shrub getting a $6 haircut with 'good common' folk. But to STILL be seeing it subtly hidden in stuff TEN FUCKING YEARS later. AND being used to ever so subtely associate 'evil liberals' with something as vile as pedophilia REALLY bugs me.

Call it paranoia if you like, but hey. A fun exercise is to take any political news topic and examine the spin on it. With it's much easier than it used to be. Read two or three articles from flamingly conservative sources about the topic. Then read the same number from flamingly liberal sources. Are people ProAbortion or Pro-Choice. Pro-Life or Anti-Choice. Is something believed to be fraudulent or possibly true. Pay close attention to how the words are warped to fit a particular viewpoint. Then go out and watch the mainstream news and your local news and look for references to whatever topic in TV. The results are extremely disturbing.

Sigh. Law and Order used to be good because it would often present the spin the the form of debate between the DAs but this episode and a couple others of the more recent ones I've seen have been nothing more than a conservative mouthpiece with which to spew agenda. :/ Think I may ditch cable soon. TLC and Discovery and stuff have been taken over by dullish guy shows like 'The biggest hardest battleship' and 'Some rednecks build a destructive vehicle.' *sigh* I think I'll go read a book. :/
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Ever get sorta drowsy in the afternoon at work when it's warm and sunny out?

Only to be startled awake by a loud noise and glance outside your window to see a helicopter with a HUGE frickin' gun pointed at you? Two more of the same type of helicopter (co-worker later said they were BlackHawks) are circling in the air above, and an ambulence zips up the street past your building.

No idea what is going on. All the helicopters have landed now and the ambulence left without lights running. No one seems especially stressed. So no idea what is going on. My bets are on recruiting propaganda.

Can't help but think this is the way things will always be in the future. Welcome to our police state. *sigh*
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My SO has been bringing home more anime for us to watch the past few days, and after seeing several different shows, I'm now feeling rather ranty.

ARE THERE MORE THAN TWO PLOTS!?!? With the exception of Lupin, almost all anime seems to be either 'Dorky guy somehow irresistably attractive to women' or 'Aloof killing machine regrets their horrible power'.

In almost all of them, there's what? 4 types of women? The shy smart on that falls for the hero.
The brash arrogant one that secretly loves the hero.
The wicked, confident older woman, who always gives in to her passions,
And the girl who can't remember anything BUT IS ALSO SOME HANDY UTILTARIAN DEVICE! Such as a Dragon! Or a Toaster! HERE! LET ME SHOW YOU WHERE YOU PUT THE BREAD!

How many panty shots and accidental gropings does it take before its no longer funny? I dunno. Probably just being bitchy today.

This rant continues on into hentai below this line )

Film Final

Dec. 10th, 2002 11:17 am
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*sigh* I hope my instructor is understanding. Otherwise I failed. I hate Microsoft. Deeply and intensely, more than I've ever hated anything. I put three weeks into the writing and planning of my movie, 4 days into filming it, and 2 full days into doing the editing. It was perfect. It would have been the best movie in the class.
Except that Windows is the most awful piece of junk in the world. :/ It _WOULD NOT_ output my movie to video tape correctly. I spent 6 hours trying to write a 7 minute movie to tape but all of my work was ruined. About every 30 seconds there was a half second of black space in my movie which cut into important scenes and dialog and broke up the flow... And this was the BEST version I got. I've output dozens of short films using the same software and never before had this problem. :( I have one of the fastest processors on the market (1.8Ghz AMD) and 512M of the absolute fastest memory available. (2600 DDR), A pretty-fast harddrive and Firewire and yet Windows was STILL not able to perform as well as a Macintosh 660AV made in 1990. :/ My next computer is a Mac. I'm sick of Windows.
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Well. Went to my second day of oil-painting last night. Kind of fun but kind of frustrating. We just sort of jumped right into painting without a whole lot of information on how to do it or any methods we might use or anything.. So, I wonder why I'm doing it in a class rather than on my own.

Also, since it's a class of mixed, first, second, and 3rd year students, a lot of the people in the class are way ahead of me and way more skilled than I am. I must be awfully vain because this really was sort of rough on my ego.. On the other hand, I should look at it as an opportunity to learn from others. It's not a competition after all. Maybe I'm just feeling a bit defensive because some of the other students were a bit snobby. IE: They're 'real artists' and I'm not... So I think I probably wanna try to show them up. :)

At any rate, the class load is pretty light. I could get by painting only in class the whole quarter and still make an A. So far, I like oil paints reasonably well. They're similar to acrylics except they don't dry as fast and feel a little less goopy. I think I'll get the hang of them fairly quickly. Anyhow, guess I should get back to work.

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