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So... I followed through. This morning I collected Julia and Avona and went to Braindrops on Haight Street. I'd looked at several places and decided on this one a few weeks ago because I liked the atmosphere. It's sort of modern-tribal where most of the others are sort of industrial or classic. The reviews I read online were also very positive.

The piercer I got was Paul. As luck would have it, he was the one that everyone had raved about. I can totally see why. He's kind of cute, very relaxed attitude, and VERY good. He doesn't use clamps to position for the piercing but he got the positions absolutely perfect and I barely felt anything. I mean REALLY barely felt anything. I've had harder pinches from lovers in bed. The only one I felt at all was the left nipple and I was like, "Hmm. I can feel that. Oooh. It hurts kinda good." and he was like, "OH. You're one of THOSE. I'll have to charge you extra." *snicker* I _expected_ the navel piercing to hurt because I was like, "Hmm. That's going through a lot of tissue." but it was even less than the nipple piercings.

The photo above and the other fabulous photos behind this cut ) were taken by Julia. :) Some of them are not terribly worksafe and/or may be unnerving if you're squeemish.

Reboot Day

Jul. 6th, 2007 04:59 pm
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Sort of a self-portrait sort of thing, though from memory rather than photo or mirror.

July 4th is an odd celebratory day for me. It's the day I got out of the hospital after being hit by a drunk driver and awoke in a CAT scanner with some major amnesia. I recovered most of my memory eventually. My teeth were replaced, and my scars have faded with time. This is the 16th anniversary or the 10000th, depending on your numbering system.
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So. Finally got scheduled for an MRI... Next Saturday morning. BUT between now and then I have to get an x-ray of my head because I sometimes use a grinder and grind metal. Apparently, even though I don't do it regularly, there's a chance I might have tiny metal filings in my eyes and being too near the MRI machine could make my eyeballs explode or something.

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Goodbye 80's, Hellooooooo 70's!

That's right! Despite being sick and the rain, I dropped below 180 today! Okay, ya, it's like 179.5 and the second I eat or drink anything today I'll be over it again but that's fine, it's a consistent downwards trend! I've "Have you ever been Mellow" and "Boom Boom Dollar"'d my way down to a new level! Now I just have to "Keep on Keep on Movin'" :)

Anyhow! *JOY* If I keep this up I think I can actually make my goal of 160 by the end of January. The question is... Do I want to mess with my doctor when I go in to see her or not? :) I was thinking about wearing a couple of layers of baggy clothes so she can't see I've lost weight until she weighs me but that might be sorta mean. :)
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So... Getting close to paytime and I'm thinking about fashion again. To destress after work tonight I laid in the floor and looked through catalogs and thought about how to best approach the fashion thing.

I think it's lucky we're going into fall right now. Sweaters and layered looks are somewhat slimming for the pudgy like me but they also look cute if they're a little oversized because I've lost weight, so I feel like I can make a decent investment here and not be throwing out my clothing in a couple months.

Also, fall colors have always worked best for me so that's an added plus. So, I'l looking at a limited palette. I have a lot of brown and olive clothing right now, very neutral colors, I think I'm going to key that up just a little with some wine and dark tan/mustard colors. Still dusty but just a smidge brighter. This eases me out of a dark wardrobe and into something a little brighter. it shoud also coordinate well with the clothes I already have and extend their range. For now I am going to avoid blues, greens, and oranges. I may move towards some of those in my next iteration of dress.

Um. Gonna go with seperate tops and bottoms and layered tops. Mostly solids, maybe a few simple striped or checkered but nothing more complex than that. I am going to build aroud the clothes I have currently, my black clogs and my brown boots. I have other shoes of similar styles and fashions to both pairs but I think I'll get the greatest flexibility if I buy to these two pairs. Now is the time of year to get long skirts and I think I wanna be that look for a bit. I think I've accepted that clothes are more important to me than eating out and buying computer geek stuff for right now so I'm gonna try to put a little into my wardrobe.

I need a light-colored coat, possibly beige. I have to think about this some. I'd also like to get I think two hats (knit or flowerpot type hats, nothing expensive) a light coloured pair of gloves and maybe a scarf. Then there's some jewelery shopping to catch up on. O_O Good chance there's a lot I'll make myself. (Especially after seeing all the inexpensive stone stores in chinatown)

I'm actually feeling amazingly coherent on this. Right now I see the two biggest obstacles for me are 1) Staying focused on my plan and 2) not going 'Oooh! This would look great on Stacey!' and spending all my money on her like I usually do. :}
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So... This morning the scale told me I weighed 187! Woo! First time in 3 years I've been below 190. Okay, it isn't much below but it gave me resolve. I biked home from work this evening, the whole 11 miles, not just the two to the train station that I biked in this morning. Even after lotsa water, lunch, and dinner, I'm still just a smidge under 190! Two weeks ago I was at 200 so I'm rather happy indeedy. It sure is nice to watch those numbers creep down.

Our family doctor had a patient die last year and it had really really upset her. She has been concerned about my weight (which went up almost 50 lbs after surgery) So... I promised her I'd lose at least 30 pounds before my next annual checkup. I'm really obsessive about keeping promises so this gives me a lot more motivation to do it. Also, I have a deal with [ profile] centauress that I will wear a costume to FC if I lose the weight by the end of November. So plenty of motivators. The negative motivator, of course, is time. My time is insanely valuable to me and taking an hour out of my nightly schedule to clear the space, set up the DDR mat, exercise, and shower was frustrating because I see it as time lost. Bicycling home from work tonight took 45 minutes. Driving home at absolute best (2 in the morning) is 20 minutes and driving home at a regular time is usually more like 30-45. There was a big wreck on the road I drive home on tonight. 2 cars smashed up pretty bad, two fire trucks and an ambulence. Cars stacked for a good mile. I flew past them on my bicycle. Yay for positive re-enforcement!

So... Exercise with at worst a 2 minute time hit to my schedule plus the air of superiority that comes with snooting at car drivers about their big dirty vehicles. I can so handle this! :D
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So.. It's been what... almost 7 months since I stopped biting my nails but they're short again now.... Though not bitten. Heh. After the years and years of angst about having such short nails, I finally stop biting them and what's the first thing I do once I have them long and pretty? Start playing guitar. This from a person who three months ago actually CRIED when she broke a nail because she'd been trying so long to grow them out. I'm such a dork.

Other recent changes:

Started using Safari instead of Internet Exploder. Seems decent so far. At least it doesn't explode on me the way IE did.

Switched to bicycling to work MWF (school T TH) already feeling my energy level picking up and a little weight going away. Yay! Now I just needta start bicyclign the whole way instead of just 1/5th of the way. (About 2 miles each way) =) figured I'd work up to that though. =)
Next week I may try riding 3/5ths of the way (bike/train in; bike home)
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You know, there are much worse things that crackpot diet programs! I made a deal with the devil err. [ profile] centauress that if she could prod me into losing say 20lbs by the end of October, that I'd make/wear a costume to FC2004. O_O What's worse, I agreed that on nights I do not exercise as I am ordered to, she can tickle me mercilessly for a half hour solid (IE so I get that aerobic exercise in some cruel and unusual way)

I am so doomed.
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So... Yesterday I had my right front tooth extracted. Goodbye old friend. :( It put up a noble battle. It had held on for twelve yearsdespite all the damage the drunk driver inflicted on me. *sigh* I want my toof back. :( I have stitches and bleeding and a temporary denture now. It's all ugly and uncomfortable. In a year I'll have an implant but it's not the same was my toof. I take good care of my teeth and the only problems they have ever had was due to the actions of one drunkard in a car. :/ Sometimes it really angers me how people like that get little more than a slap on the wrist. The guy that ran down and killed my friend Becky in highschool got only community service and his liscense suspended until he was 25. He was a minor so he didn't even get a criminal record for murdering one of my best friends. :/ Isn't america great? We just let people comit crimes of ignorance and arrogance with very little reprisal. I bet that Bush's daughters never spent so much as an hour behind bars, and even if they'd killed someone, they'd have got nothing. :/

Me. I got hit in Pennsylvania which is a no-fault insurance state, so even though the guy was drunk and ran a stopsign and nearly killed a pedestrian, it wasn't his fault. My car insurance paid for my hospital stay and myc ar insurance rates went up. I lost some of my memory, three teeth, and much of my face. In the years since the accident, I've had continued trouble with my damaged teeth. In the lastyear I spent about $2000 trying to save my tooth and before this adventure is over, I'll have spent almost another $2000 on it and it will last maybe 10 or 20 years, at which point I have to repeat this process. I'm not even counting the time off work or the pain and suffering. *sigh*

Anyhow, enough of this, I guess. Just a little sad and upset. I miss my toof. :( I can't even speak now.\


Jun. 19th, 2003 11:12 am
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So. Oral surgeon talked to me about replacing my broken tooth with an implant. Apparently they also graft cow bone into the jaw when you have tooth replacement, then replace the root with titanium! How cool is that? I become cybernetic AND part cow at the same time! :)


I like cows! :)

Now if only it weren't so spendy... :/


May. 1st, 2003 09:59 am
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So... I haven't bitten my nails in a month now, and my nails still aren't past the tips of my fingers if that's any indication of how short they were. In fact, it will probably be another month at least before they start looking like normal human nails. The two that are badly damaged are still badly damanged. No idea how/when they'll heal. Trying to be patient and careful but they are very uncoperative.

Oddly enough, I haven't worn tips since the end of the second week. I keep telling myself I am going to put on new tips tonight or tomorrow and not to bite my nails because I will put the tips on and keep me from biting them for real. Whacky.

I really desperately do need to put new tips on though. This month has been entirely too stressful with the lack of money, taxes, the animation stand, getting griped at at work, the threat that congress was going to cancel our project, and now the delay in pay. I'm pretty seriously frazzled. As I said before. Every time I tried to stop, something disasterous has come up. This time though, I seem to have enough stubborness to persevere. Err. So far at least. I
guess I was hoping they'd grow a little faster. I wanted to treat myself to a manicure for my birthday. I guess it can wait another month though.

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