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Hello Electricity and internet and roads!

There was a pretty gnarly wind storm on Thursday. The guy that's been living here for 30 years said he'd never seen anything like it before.

Made living under 100+ foot trees a whole new experience... One a bit like being shelled for 20 hours nonstop. By Friday morning I was sleeping (if you can call it that) with a helmet on in case the roof collapsed.

We were lucky. We got several branches 4 and 5 inches thick that came down on our roof but none of them penetrated. Two neighbors got their roofs holed. One of them with a large oak tree.

About a three foot thick tan-oak came down on the hillside just a little ways from our house but fortunately didn't hit anything important.

Our casualties were fairly small. Clothes line is down, charcoal grill crumpled and, the stone I put on the stump over my meditation spot took a direct sharp hit and sheered a big piece off it. Oh... And of course we had about 300lbs of branches on the roof of the house and mountains of tree bits in the yard. We'll be cleaning up for weeks.

The storm also took down a tree which took out the road to our house and the power and internet. ... And since our battery was out on loan and our heater, oven, and tankless water heater have electric ignitions, we were also without heat and hot water and I could only use the range for cooking.

I think the main road became semi-passible Friday night but wasn't really 'open' until yesterday. Power finally came back on around 8 last night.

In the interim... I admit, I've sort of had fun. Between our Burning Man gear and my childhood of historical re-enactment and survivalist living, I've been doing a lot of improvising.

Heated up the lid of the dutch oven and some grill irons on the burners and used the dutch oven on top of the range to bake (by putting the hot lid on and then swapping the irons onto it to keep heat from the top)

Hung our big oil lanterns from chains from the rafters so we'd have general light, then built miniature oil lanterns out of old spice jars for reading lamps.

We shut down the house to just the great hall to reduce the area we needed to heat and use the rest of the house as insulation. Then I strung some twine between rafters and made a little mount for the solar-powered fan we use on our tent at Burning Man to give us a makeshift ceiling fan and warm air down from the ceiling. Got us up to a balmy 56F. ... Which is just warm enough you can't see your breath.

All in all, I've kind of enjoyed the quiet and have gotten a lot of studying done but I kind of prefer slightly brighter lights for reading and not quite so chilly.

Yesterday, we and the neighbors spend some time clearing the street as they opened up the lower part of the road and we had people detouring through our section to get up past another broken bit.
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