Nov. 19th, 2011 11:57 pm
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Saw the Cirque du Soliel, 'Totem' performance on Thursday. Never been to one of their shows before. The level of talent and coordination and skill was simply amazing. If I had a mountain of spare cash laying about, I'd go see more of their shows. *sigh*

The last 'circus' I went to was Circus Circus when I was ~12. My parents left me in the arcade at Circus Circus while they visited the casinos, (you know, like good christians do) I dimly recall some sort of not very interesting trapeze act and some even less good stage magician.

I think the only other time I went to the circus, it was Ringling Brothers in Tulsa and I must have been 10 or younger. I again dimly recall some un-interesting trapeze work, some guy riding a motorcycle inside a spherical cage, and some very ugly and unpleasant clowns that had some sort of mean-spirited 3-stooges-esque act. I think we must have been in cheap seats because in my memory there were a good dozen rows ahead of us and the performers were tiny and distant.

I wonder if I was just too young to appreciate what I was seeing or if those shows were really just that much less interesting than the Totem performance. Probably a bit of both... Although I definitely enjoyed the abstractness of Cirque to an annoying narrating ringmaster telling me everything that was going on. If a show is good, you should be able to draw your own conclusions about what is happening. No?
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