Sep. 19th, 2011

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Today may well be "Talk like a pirate" day but isn't it a little passe?

I think we need a new geek holiday and for it, I nominate tomorrow, Sept 20th!

Why you may ask? Because, September 20th, 1977 was an auspicious day, one completely relevant to Pirates, Ninjas, LOLCats, Steampunk and Zombies!

That's right. September 20th, 1977 was the premiere of the Happy Days episode, "Hollywood, Part 3", the episode in which the Fonz jumped the shark!

So join me tomorrow and celebrate International Shark-Jumping day!

What could one more holiday possibly hurt?
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Originally uploaded by ObscuredStar
This is a rough mount of the interior I made for the stump at the other end of my meditation space.

I need more river stone and to anchor it properly but it's good to see it starting to take shape.

It's made from glass slag from the bottom of a blast furnace, mounted on resin with a fiberglass backing.

I started by making a chicken wire frame inside the tree stump and then a paper-mache layer over that so it would hold it's shape. Then took it out of the stump so I could make guides and do the resin casting in sections (rotating it a bit each day)

The slab of stone across the top of the stump can also be sat on, of course or used as a table.

I have a few other things left to do but at least it's progress.

Edit: changed view to better picture.

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