Jun. 4th, 2011

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I guess they have some rather strict anti-whittling laws.

I'm sure this will get taken down soon. Wouldn't want the citizenry to feel 'unsafe'.

I just wish there were a way to get this fuck charged but I'm guessing slap on the wrist. And if you aren't disgusted yet, have some videos from the trial:


So. He turned to hear what the guy was saying and then froze up in terror seeing some asshole pointing a gun at him and that was a reason to open fire on an old man who looked in the video like he probably had a bit of arthritis.


And Birk isn't being charged as a criminal, of course. This trail is about whether or not he will keep his job.

If a police officer ever approaches you, you should drop everything and put your hands on top of your head and immediately lay down on the ground, I guess.

EDIT: I had another idea maybe someone up in Seattle can spread it.

A while back, Tugrik mentioned he had a pocket video projector. Looked them up online. They're about 200 bucks and can plug into an ipod. Someone should get one and mount it on a bicycle helmet and then have two people walking in front of them with a bedsheet held up on poles and play that video over and over.

Make all the suburbanites passing by in cars that are angry because there's a protest blocking their way to the trough at Applebee's see what happened. Force them to be aware.
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Really really neat and exciting. Deep-earth multicellular organisms and bacteria that feed on radioactive decay. Rather drastically increases the odds that there is life on other worlds. Sure, it's probably the microscopic terribly hungry and would wipe out the human race sort of life but still. Very cool!
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Sorry about spamming links today. One more and I'm done.


Pretty much what you'd expect but a good reminder and something to think about.

I got really lucky on this one myself. I was hit by a car when I was 19. Up to that point I'd lead a very repressed life. That brush with death changed me. Made me realize that I only get one shot at being me. Better to make the most of it. You can't save-up your life for when you have the time to experience it. You need to do it now as you live. That stuff is your life. If it sucks, figure out how to change it. Take a chance.

I spent my teen years cutting myself and praying that I wouldn't wake up in the morning. I was too scared to actually kill myself but I wasn't happy. If it hadn't been for that car, I might still be that way or I might have finally succumbed. I wish I could have learned this lesson without the loss of my front teeth, my flute playing, and my memory but in some ways, I am thankful to have learned it when I did.

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