Apr. 23rd, 2011

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Heh. My kitchen must seem very odd right now.

I've got a pot of wooden dowels boiling on one burner,
a dirt casserole in the oven,
a pressure cooker full of ground rice and puffed rock puddings,
a big pot of too sugary green tea cooling on the back burner,
and I'm starting a huge loaf of pine shavings and cornmeal.

Really, it all makes sense.
The dowels are for the oyster musrooms and lion's mane. A lot of trees came down in the gully during the winter due to the last storm so I am going to plug them with edible mushrooms that live wild in this area.

The dirt casserole is for my wine stropharia to give them a better chance before I turn them loose in the garden.

The rocky rice puddings are to start a new crop of blue oysters and pioppinos since I haven't yet had luck colonizing them on my other formula.

The tea is for kombucha.

The pine loaf is for king trumpets to see if I can get them to fruit.

After all of these are properly colonized, they get transferred to larger, less sterile stocks, of course. Just kind of funny to have a kitchen full of weirdness. ^_^

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