Feb. 16th, 2011

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Nothing deep or interesting. Perhaps I should get a twitter account.

I've noticed a deficiency in my artwork is definitely my lettering. I adore interesting fonts but at the same time I rarely use them in artwork because... It's someone else's work. So I end up browsing fonts and then often making my own that's styled near something I liked. But I never make a complete font set. Just do lettering for whatever I'm working on. My brain doesn't seem to think in fonts or patterns much. My present theory is that this is because my world is dominated by Arial and Helvetica. In an effort to change that, I downloaded a bunch of fonts then sorted through for ones that were interesting but easily readable and changed the default fonts in several programs I use. See if I can subconsciously absorb some of those ideas.

I also got a new keyboard. Apple's new superthin full sized keyboard. I must say I like it. It's got a really good weight and feel to it with nice action. Surprising for how paper thin it is. It's quite comfortable to type on without a wrist rest which is nice too. Removes some clutter from my desk. More open space.

Probably not going. 3 day weekend and Stacey's birthday.

Across the Universe
I can now play the entire easy guitar version. I guess this should feel like an accomplishment but the easy guitar version is so dumbed down from the actual song that it's kind of depressing instead. I think I might visit some bookstores tonight and see if I can find the real version.

He's not online on Facebook any more and stopped responding to my e-mails. More than a month now. I guess maybe he's done with me. *sigh* I'd hoped we could be friends. :(

Other Stuff
There's probably other stuff but lunchtime is nearly over and I'm going to get back to work.

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