Feb. 2nd, 2011

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I've heard that Nickelodeon is awful to work for and I know I won't find a lot of people who are fands of Klasky Csupo, but say what you want. I enjoyed it.

Just watched most of the series over the past couple of days. It's not high art. Actually my feelings about it vacillate between enjoyment and finding it hard to watch. It was a lot less formulaic than Rugrats and reminds me more of other stuff Kovalyov has done. I really appreciate their obvious disdain for mainstream america.

It's a weird little show. I didn't really watch it when it first aired. I think I was in college or something at the time.

Really the show has no right to be likable. The character designs are supremely unappealing (except for the Gromble who is a Blue Meanie in disguise, I'm sure of it) they voices chose for the voice actors are deeply unpleasant, etc. But somehow it all works in some fascinating train wreck kind of way.

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