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You know... My company has grown since I started here and we have offices in other cities. It's all very laid back of course and so long as one gives a bit of advance notice, it's more or less perfectly okay to wander off and work at one of those other offices for a week or two at a time.

I think I should consider doing that next summer. Seattle, Boston, Brighton (UK) All places I've never been with things I'd like to see. It occurs to me that if I found crash space for the periods of my trips that these expeditions would be basically free. Schedule so I've got two weekends there to visit museums and various things and see the sites and work during the day the rest of the time.

Hmm. Of course, another possibility for Seattle is to rent a hotel room or something and grab Jon and some punk music and go on a road trip. Hmm.

I should do this in warmer weather tho. I hate the winter time.


Apr. 21st, 2007 12:31 am
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Worked 25 hours yesterday. Slept 14. It's now Saturday and I just woke up. Time for a shower and some food. o_O


Sep. 20th, 2006 03:31 pm
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So... A week or so ago, we introduced new stimuli to our office.

A box of Otter Pops.

We have several people in the office today and someone was looking for a drink and I mentioned them.

Ten seconds later, we were in pre-school land with an entire room full of people sucking on otter pops and looking up info about them online.

This turned up a wiki page:

Useful spanish phrases for otters:


an Otter Pops music video:

I love my job. No one here thinks I'm strange. :)


Feb. 17th, 2006 09:43 pm
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Just watched a film made in Secondlife by members of the team here. Pretty friggin' impressive stuff. Talked to some of the guys who worked on it and was able to give/get some extra cool information.
I'll post a link to the film when it's available online. In the meanwhile, check out Especially you, [ profile] inaki Consider the possibilities of combining this with FCTV. :)


Feb. 15th, 2006 07:45 pm
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I just thought I should mention I'm still alive and still having a great time at the new job. Just spending all my time working and reading because I'd rather ramp up to stuff on my own time instead of theirs. :) Besides, it's all fun stuff and the kinds of things I read in my own time anyhow.

The train is working out great. Better than I imagined actually. It's like these allocated blocks of time where I can just sit and work on whatever I wanted to study without any interruptions.

In short, life is great. :)
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Wow. I've been so busy looking for a job and doing art and stuff I hadn't really thought about it.

E needed some references for my job so I listed all the people that said I could use them as references and wrote a little about my relationship with each of them and now I'm all weepy and crying. I really fucking miss my team. I was always so happy working at GPB. Thirty hour days are no problem when you are having fun and love the people you're working with. That just kind of hit me, damnit. The team at Allied Video was the same way. Everyone was awsome and I just totally loved them and it was hard to leave that place. I still keep in touch with Jim now and then but that was a small team, only a couple of people. GPB was like a family and almost everyone there is totally awsome. I miss them. :( Maybe once I'm working again I'll see if they want to meet up and have lunch or something.

I can't believe I'm this weepy over something like this. It wasn't just the mission, that place made me really believe in myself.

Day Trip

Dec. 21st, 2005 07:34 pm
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So.. In the midst of all this maddening work for my job, I must remember that I'm now more or less out of work. Heh. So today Stacey and I went up to the city for a job interview for me. Interview went really well. All stuff that I'm good at, and it was a project I think would be a lot of fun. If anything, I'm worried I might have overwhelmed them. Anyhow. After that, hey, we were in the city!

We rode cable-car from where my interview was to China-town, wandered around and bought some knicknacks for friends and family, talked about driving up to visit Stacey's family for the holiday, and had dimsum. After that, we went to the cartoon art museum, since Stacey hadn't been. Oooooh. The current show was 'ghoulish and gruesome'. A bunch of Edward Gorey stuff, Tales from the Crypt, Weird Tales of Science Fiction, that sort of thing. IE, totally right up my alley and great fun. :) Also, the guy at the counter was an indie animator and really loved the museum so we chatted and hung out with him for a bit before we finally decided to head home.

The weather in San Fran was amazingly warm. Little spatters of warm rain here and there but not enough to get you really wet. Beautiful day in the city, really.

Tomorrow we're up early to get our car radio replaced and then Friday we're off to see her family, I think.

Ugly Icons

Nov. 19th, 2005 06:46 pm
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Bah. Okay, I decided to work from home on this project for work because I realized I could and maybe I won't get interrupted (I had a looooooooooooong day)

Technically, yesterday was my last day as a member of the GPB team but I'm still using my office there for this GPS stuff and when I got there today, I found chaos and spend several hours reigning in the madness. Technically, it's no longer my job but someone needed to take care of stuff ASAP and what I need to get done has to be done by Monday morning.

Anyhow, I knew MacOS supports X-11 and so I made sure I could ssh onto the machine at work and then came home, downloaded the X11 stuff and got it running (Okay, like 3 mouse-clicks. It's a Mac after all!) Also downloaded netbeans and did some quick code-flags so I can I work on my machine from logfiles instead of communcating with the serial port (Designed the program with this all along since there's only one serial port and two developers) Netbeans is almost bearable on my Mac. Still a bit slow but compared to sshing to a 400Mhz StinkPad with Fedora on it, it's massively faster (and prettier! Java looks cute on OS-X!)

I do, however, have one complaint. The icons for X11 and Netbeans are butt-ugly. The class with all my other mac icons. Okay, X11 has a lame excuse. It's mostly being used by unixgeeks who feel more l33t when they have a retro-looking icon but netbeans (and the Java one isn't very exciting either) don't have any real excuse. Sun is a big freakin' company. They could spend $100 getting someone to design a decent icon that goes with the OS you're running it on.

Ohwell. I just needed to take a break from thread messenging. Back to work slave!
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So... Friday afternoon, I went to a sort of 'end of mission' pizza party. Depressing. I'm gonna miss the people I'm working with now also some of the moments like one at the party. One of the old guys was there and started talking about our anomally room and then told a story about what it'd been like on the ground during the Apollo 13 mission... because he'd been there.

I've met so many incredible and awsome people at this job and everyone has been so smart, it's been a dream and I'm really going to miss it. Best job ever. :(
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Blah. Too many projects, too much to do. Commanding the satellite is time-consuming but dull and interruptive. It's impacting my programming time. I brought extra food with me, I think I'm likely going to end up pulling an all-nighter here to get this Java app ready for demo tomorrow. I've got all the core stuff working but now I need to put the pieces together and make them pretty. In theory that's an hour job, but I know better than that. Also, building with only some badly spaghettied Matlab code, and no spec is proving a bit of a challenge.

Also, Lok wrote me back and asked if I was ready to do some coding. I mailed him back and said sure, so long as it's not needed by 10AM tomorrow. That's good at least. I haven't had time to put out any more resumes and if we're down to a trial by fire, with him, I've got whatever job I want there. Coding is the easy part. Although I seem to be setting up my strangest business relationship yet with him. It's very adversarial and unusually gamey. A subject that deserves its own post when I get time.

Haha. Believe it or not, I'm also still finding time to sketch and animate. I did ~50 frames yesterday morning before heading up to GPB and I've been doing sketches waiting for the train and in slack time during passes.
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Bah. I smell the dotcom shell game. Make a great offer, get someone enthused, drop big numbers, and then start the con, 'accept less for X time and your rewards will be great!'. Maybe I'll look around a bit more. I dunno. I start to get the feeling this place is back to the old 'hire anyone who can talk the talk' and make vaporware model of doing business. :/ Geez, I wish STEP would get funding. I hate seeing the team here split up. :(
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So. Yesterday I sent out my first two resumes just because I can't count on us getting the next grants. It's a bummer looking for new work. I love my team here. It's been the Anti-Dilbert environment. Everyone knows what they're doing and likes doing it. Anyhow, one of the places I sent to I had a really good feeling about. I liked the energy the ad was written with. (And it was on Craiglist, so no e-mail rape from Monster) I got an e-mail a couple hours later asking for a phone call. I said I was free before 3 today (I'm on swing shift for command today) and got a phone call about ten minutes later. After a rather cool phone interview, I had a live one scheduled for this morning at 9AM.... Wait for it.... With Simon Lok. Oh yeah! Someone crazier than me! ^_^ I am so into this! FreeBSD development with a goal of undercutting Cisco and the like. >:D Smaller faster better and focused on good UI design! I wish GPB could last forever but this doesn't sound like a bad second.

The interview this morning went pretty well, though I stumbled on the most embarassingly easy of questions (How do you get data from a CGI variable with Perl CGI. Anyone with 20 seconds to spare and a web browser could answer that one). The rest of it... I was a little puzzled bye how simple the questions were. I mean they were really really basic things on code optimization and algorithms. Started to worry they were giving me the soft touch or something. I wish I'd brought some code to discuss. So much easier to talk about code with code. Anyhow, I spent two hours there and talked with a half dozen people.

Anyhow, now I'm at work 3 hours early which is a good excuse to get ahead on this Java app. >:D
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So, at work I just got told that I had the option of extending my work here by working on an additional mission. Might take me through March. The downside is that if I did that I'd lose severance options... Putting me back int he boat I thought I was in two months ago.

I really like this place and the people I work with and odds are that if I stick in, there will be more work after March. Bird in the hand versus 2 in the bush or something? I dunno. I guess I should look at what else is out there and maybe put out some resumes but... Will have to see.

Anyhow, back to beating on these 64bit libraries. (Naturally a straight recompile isn't working right. :( )
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I was going to post a long witty reparte' about the joys and horrors (mostly horrors) of the Coconut Colada, A party in a box that we found at BigLots for $2.99 a couple weeks ago buuuuuuut. has something in it that consistently crashes Safari under 10.2 and I blindly clicked on a link that went there and it killed my masterpiece essay. Doubtless, this was one of the great works on the wonders of cheap booze found in a mylar sack in a cardboard box for three dollars, but this epic is now lost.

Instead I post some whimpy little note that I got officially told my contract now extends through at least the end of October and 50/50 on whether or not it continues beyond that. But, the closer I get to new years, the better my odds for never leaving this place. (Which is awsome because I love this place!)

Also, I got shiny new 64-bit libraries to play with today to deal with files sizes > 2.147G so now I get back to coding! :)

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Well... I think I mentioned before that my job is sending at the end of September... It turns out that may be a maybe... Next Tuesday I start cross-training for console. Good lord, look out Flordia, they're going to let me fly a spacecraft! O_O Well, okay, we're at end of mission and the craft will be running out of helium before much longer but apparently we'll still have some attitude control and be able to do some stuff with it. Anyhow, the colonel and some of the other higher ups like me and want me to continue working with them, so saying I have several more job skills is a bonus for keeping me on or rehiring later.

In case it wasn't already completely obvious, starting next week, I really AM a Space Cadet! ^_^

Speaking of... I need to get to bed. Going fishing with the colonel and some of the guys tomorrow.


Jul. 27th, 2005 10:18 am
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Looks like it's official. My job ends at the end of September. :/
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So... I guess I wasn't the only one feeling the way I felt yesterday. A lot of people aren't here today... Kinda weird. Everything is quiet and gravelike.

One person described it as being almost like the day after Sept 11th. So I guess I'm normal afterall..
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Last night when I went to bed we were less than 20 days from launch. Today they are removing the vehicle from the top of the rocket and it will be into the second quarter before it is ready for flight again. :(

I don't know why this has me so depressed. Technically it means I just got a six month extension on all the things I wanted to add to the software to make it even better. I have another six months to comb through my systems and make sure that they will run absolutely flawlessly and that my department will look fantastic.

I was ready to see her fly. :( I've been looking forward to launch for two years. The past few months I've worked harder and more seriously than I ever have at any job I've ever held. I've tested and retested, aggressively queried users and got feedback and done everything to make my part of the project the most successful I could possibly be. Everyone has worked hard.

I guess maybe I should be proud... My software was used (in part) to help them validate their concern about the hardware and fix it before it launched. If the parts were to fail in-flight, the consequences and cost would be much worse. Somehow that isn't very comforting though. I didn't realize how wound up I was for launch. I'm left feeling sort of battered and empty. I left workf or the afternoon because I realized I probably wasn't going to be productive for the rest of the afternoon... Also... What was to be my final pre-flight software approval testing was scheduled for today. QA cancelled it. *sigh* I don't have time to be depressed like this.
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So.. It's been what... almost 7 months since I stopped biting my nails but they're short again now.... Though not bitten. Heh. After the years and years of angst about having such short nails, I finally stop biting them and what's the first thing I do once I have them long and pretty? Start playing guitar. This from a person who three months ago actually CRIED when she broke a nail because she'd been trying so long to grow them out. I'm such a dork.

Other recent changes:

Started using Safari instead of Internet Exploder. Seems decent so far. At least it doesn't explode on me the way IE did.

Switched to bicycling to work MWF (school T TH) already feeling my energy level picking up and a little weight going away. Yay! Now I just needta start bicyclign the whole way instead of just 1/5th of the way. (About 2 miles each way) =) figured I'd work up to that though. =)
Next week I may try riding 3/5ths of the way (bike/train in; bike home)
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Oooh! I got a job. :)

Well, okay, I big on and successfully obtained sort of a comission to do pieces of a fake comic for student film. A color comic-book cover and two or three pages inside it. The catch, of course, is that it needs to be done by next Friday. Pays a whopping $25. :)

Still. I feel like its an accomplishment. I showed a portfolio, and displayed knowledge of the output media and arranged a schedule and beat out my competition. Little things like this make me feel like I could possibly make it as an independent commercial artist one of these days, though I'm still about two years away from that at the minimum. A credit on someone else's project is very helpful though. I think on eof the major things lacking in my experience is collaborative projects.

Anyhow... Winter is over! I can tell. My productivity is back up. I'm now at full capacity on projects. Making progresses on the project with [ profile] paka even if our meetings keep getting clobbered by my job. Making TONS of progress on Free as a Bird I'm going to cut a rough sound-track after school tonight so I can present the animatic in class tomorrow. During class, I'll work out the concept stuff for this comic-project. I've already got a bunch of good ideas for it and the whole 'in-depth-study' of Preston Blair is really returning huge dividends. After class tomorrow, I'll upload the roughs and get input from the director on what he likes/doesn't like and get his comic done. In the interim, I'll build the storyboard for WireHead, and knock out the woodcutter and some other ideas for the project with Paka.

I have some garden work and housework to do Sunday and then its pure creative time after that. I should be able to knock out the guy's comic stuff in a few hours and get final approval from him, well ahead of his Friday deadline. I think I can get a final cleanup of the Free As a Bird storyboard and timing. From there it's just a bunch of drawing. :)

Before I start on that drawing Free as a Bird I think I'll switch gears and knock out the video of [ profile] roon's magic act and the compilation video of stuff for my parents so I can get those off my task list. If I can keep up the pace I've been at this week, I should be able to get all those done and have only Free as a Bird, WireHead, and the project with Paka on my 'to do' list. No problem! :) I've cut down a LOT of projects this week.

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