Jan. 12th, 2008 08:41 pm
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Praeflaips (n): slang Tasteless Icons. Specifically in reference to the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Propduction Premium box set.

Rant about Adobe's ugly new icons )
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In terms of monumentally bad ideas, staying up late last night watching the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie and drinking Malibu was a pretty bad one.

Malibu is the perfect version of rum for a Disney film. Sickly sweet with a strong artificial coconut flavoring. Enjoyed by the masses but not what anyone with a pint of wit would consider 'good'. Still. Like the film, it was shamefully enjoyable in its way.

So now that I'm conscious again and feeling quite lucky that the rum stayed down, I'm finding that while I could be working on my final or an art project, I'm instead procrastinating and decided it was time to scan flickr for photos from Silicon...

I must say... I think perhaps I really should quit drinking... I don't remember this... I got my boobs groped by a woman and I don't remember. *cry* I do remember her. I even remember her name. Just not the gropingz. *sulk*

Anyhow... Here's other photos of me from Silicon. Mostly this is just for vanity and self-reference. I really need to quit goofing off and finish my final so I can get to work on making some art or costumes or something. (Do I have enough moles? Yuck!)
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No. I mean it. Government contractors are really really dense.

I was watching a program on Gamma Radiation and this just occurred to me. Not only that, we can calculate precisely how dense they are.

Consider the following:
You've heard that in the past certain government construction projects used 3 in place of PI as if they expected the entire world to revolve around them?

Well... What if it did?

Think about it. Circumference = 2*PI*r in planar space, but what if you were the center of an extremely massive body like a star? Because of the compression of spacetime around the center, half the distance of the radius in real space is less than half the distance in planar space and that means that from one model, C/2r could = 4 and in another frame of reference, C/2r could = 3 given appropriate mass for either.

Now. I'll simplify a bit and assume a rather spherical person. Short and fat, maybe 100cm in circumference (just because it's a nice round number) So now you just need to work out the mass required in that circumference to set PI to 3.

You have now accurately calculated the density of an average politician.
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... This guy is more powerful than Ashy but has less style.
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A friend posted privately about a group he's in that had a red-panic because a chinese guy wanted to join their RPG group. Some of them work for defense contractors or something and there has to be a sudden and drastic alert because of potential contact with a foreign national! OH NOES!

I swear these are the variety of people with 'security clearance' because they have to go into the offices to empty the waste baskets. Personally... I worked at NASA for several years and much of that time I was only a few yards from soviet scientists who'd worked on the russian ICBM guidance systems. Yes, ITAR had some stupid rules about 'foreign nationals' but they basically boiled down to. "Don't let them into secure areas. Don't trade files with them." but definitely not OMG COMMIES ARE INVADING MY D&D!!!! Seriously. Get a fucking clue. I've noticed an inverse proportional curve on security clearance when working at NASA. The lower your clearance is and the more useless you are, the more important you think your clearance is and the louder you are about it. Still... Seriously. I wonder what goes through these people's heads? Was it like?

I shall cut you down with my +20 Sickle of the People.

That would actually be pretty awesome. Someone should make a D20 adaption parody of the Cold War.

On the same subject, I should hunt down my old notebooks containing ASCII HERO. It was an expansion to the HERO roleplaying system that was cyberpunk set inside a PDP-10 where basically you operated as strings of code in the system, dealing with daemon processes, hostile users, glitches, virus programs, etc. Blocks of code made up rooms, data streams roads and.... Oh my god... I'm a huge flaming dork.
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Horrible 1950's educational films loaded with bullshitology! Also some rather homo-erotic aristotle stuff.

Doctor Science Man has all the answers in 1950's world.

The human brain contains tiny men with lots of levers.


Jul. 27th, 2007 02:29 pm
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You stink! You suck at everything! You fail! This website is dedicated to you!

Er.... And it might make you feel better somehow or at least makes me grin stupidly. :)
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So.... I went home to see if I could REALLY gay up the moon or not.

I took the highest resolution photo of the moon I could find and scaled it based on the diameter of the moon so that 1 pixel = 1 kilometer. (The image was awesomely close to this nice ratio so it worked well)

Since the moon is a sphere, I thought putting my triangle as close to center would be a good idea and in a dark sea. Less craters/mountains, higher contrast.

The green arrow points to roughly where my triangle is. It's much too small to see at this resolution though. (~12km/px) In fact you can only barely make out the arrow.

BUT if you look just about the length of the arrow's head above the arrow in this full resolution image, you can see a lone pink dot.... (warning, roughly 3600x3600 pixels) Of course... That would be the entire area was solid pink and a square.

So let's be a little more realistic. I zoomed WAAAAAAAY in and made generous pink lines 1/3 of a meter (about a foot) wide. A doable size but still pretty darned large.

At 1000 times the magnification of big photo above (warning: 2000x2000 image), our triangle is actually pretty visible! Cool! I think you could actually see that at an observatory!

And even at only 100x, if you look very very close, you can very faintly see it.

But at 50 times the resolution of that big picture, it's gone.">

Or is it? If we turn the saturation way up. It suddenly leaps out!

In fact: Even at a mere 10 times the magnification of that photo, cranking the saturation all the way up still reveals our mark!

So... If you had a strong telescope and knew exactly what to look for and where to look, you COULD see a 1km chalk triangle on the moon. Cool. :)


May. 9th, 2007 09:58 am
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I don't get a lot of spam e-mail and sometimes the sender and topic are close enough to e-mails I might expect that I open them. (Though I use elm so they're not even getting webhit counts for their embedded images or anything)

Anyhow. Today's is apparently a weight loss drug... At least I guess that's what it is. Their advertisement is so bad that I can't really guess its true nature. But here's the line that stood out:

the most enchanting flesh loss product is now readily available

.... Um... Eeew! If I thought it wouldn't bounce, I'd consider writing them back with an advertising slogan:

Zombo-goo! It's good for you!

EDIT: Reading a little further, the ad starts going on about The Hunger and the cravings. I really think this might be a zombie med. Here's a bit more:

I greedily devoured all this garbige

and just could not stop.

This ruinous passion passed away after I started course with *PRODUCT!

Oh, God,

my inclination to eat constantly vanished,

*I hate spammers so much I'm not even going to give them the benefit of name spreading by copying their product name while ridiculing them.


Mar. 16th, 2007 04:24 pm
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Wow. Someone keyed the Hell out of my car windows...


I barely even ever drive anywhere and so far as I know I haven't pissed in anyone's wheaties lately.

I suppose I'm supposed to be angry but really I just feel more puzzled. I can't think of any reason anyone would do that. Perhaps they confused my car with that of someone else.

My car doesn't even have any stickers on it. Just a rainbow thingy around the license plate that says 'Pride'. That's the only thing I can imagine might have set someone off, but the markings don't appear to have any homophobic nature so it seems unlikely.

People sure are pathetic sometimes.


Sep. 20th, 2006 03:31 pm
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So... A week or so ago, we introduced new stimuli to our office.

A box of Otter Pops.

We have several people in the office today and someone was looking for a drink and I mentioned them.

Ten seconds later, we were in pre-school land with an entire room full of people sucking on otter pops and looking up info about them online.

This turned up a wiki page:

Useful spanish phrases for otters:


an Otter Pops music video:

I love my job. No one here thinks I'm strange. :)
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The other day on the train, there was a guy selling ridiculous balloon hats. I bought one and he put it on my bicycle helmet for me so I could ride around wearing it the rest of the day. This is what it means to be a software engineer. I can wear a balloon hat any time I want.

But wait. What if I tried on that vinyl dress along with my balloon hat?
Safe for work? I could show it at my work but... )
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I swiped this link from [ profile] azikale just for you!

It's a fanfic love story of Abe Sentient and Kroenen.
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So... Calling FedEx last night was apparently the right thing to do. They had promised my laptop by 10:30 this morning and they delivered... Though apparently they have a MATTER TRANSMITTER... Look at the shipping log. Notice anything odd?
EDIT:As per request, put this under a cut tag. )

Or you can see the actual transaction log here.

... How did it get from Indiana to Oakland? ...

Ohwell. It's here! Yay! Now I have to work and go to a Christmas party and stuff. :)
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My computer is held up in Customs and probably will not arrive tomorrow. My APPLE computer. Yes.. Never underestimate the utter incompetence of the masses. My computer is sitting in Indiana awaiting FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION approval... Because the box says


on it and someone, somehow, despite Apple being a major brand of computers and despite their shipping THOUSANDS OF COMPUTERS a day decided that MY PACKAGE contained ACTUAL apples. Good grief.
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Wowsa. You know... I saw some of these when Crissa and I went to see 'The Matrix' but I didn't make the connection.

I now know what the Matrix REALLY is! It's a secret plot to trick impressionable young men into wearing suits and ties! This, Men in Black, it's all a plot! A sneaky insidious social engineering going on right under our noses!

Ohwell. I like dressed-up guys. :)


Oct. 27th, 2003 12:14 pm
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... I watched MTV last night. I saw 'Jackass' and 'WildBoyz'. O_O
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I always say that I am going to Write j n my Live Journal . Tonight I actually am . I am writing this Post Using a thingy that came with My new Wacon Tablet. So far 1 think that it is working preHy well. It does not like my double - Ts but Owhell. ! am wondering why anyone would Use this interface though. Itis Much slower than typing. 1 think l WI '11 leave all of its mistakes in the text just so you canjudge how legible mg hand writing is Or is not. I guess this is kind of fun ln a weird sort of ng. 'c Anyhow. . . I got a tablet afterall . I reaKy should put it to a More Practical use than this though . 1 am Dabbli ng and it is wy past bed time and there is 9 naked Stacey waiting for Me! Q 0 Night -Night!
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Ever have such an uneventful time it wasn't worth making an LJ entry?
Look no further!
Brunching Shuttlecocks presents The Apathetic Online Journal Entry Generator
Use it when your life has no meaning!

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