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In terms of monumentally bad ideas, staying up late last night watching the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie and drinking Malibu was a pretty bad one.

Malibu is the perfect version of rum for a Disney film. Sickly sweet with a strong artificial coconut flavoring. Enjoyed by the masses but not what anyone with a pint of wit would consider 'good'. Still. Like the film, it was shamefully enjoyable in its way.

So now that I'm conscious again and feeling quite lucky that the rum stayed down, I'm finding that while I could be working on my final or an art project, I'm instead procrastinating and decided it was time to scan flickr for photos from Silicon...

I must say... I think perhaps I really should quit drinking... I don't remember this... I got my boobs groped by a woman and I don't remember. *cry* I do remember her. I even remember her name. Just not the gropingz. *sulk*

Anyhow... Here's other photos of me from Silicon. Mostly this is just for vanity and self-reference. I really need to quit goofing off and finish my final so I can get to work on making some art or costumes or something. (Do I have enough moles? Yuck!)
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Purple Prickle
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Okay! Keep or chuck? I spent about an hour making this thing out of some 'googly balls' I got from Wallgreens for $6 for the big one (the miniskirt) and $1.50 each for the 2 for the bra and the cuff. The front straps on the bra are fluorescent purple zipties and the rest is spare bra straps. This set is fluorescent purple. I have materials to make similar costumes in fluorescent green and yellow.

The collar (which flashes with multicolored LEDs) I scored at the flea market last weekend for a dollar. :)

It's like tight-fitting rubber fetish covered in soft rubber spikes which are interesting to stroke. The skirt is semi see-through and I'd probably wear panties with it.

I'll probably put it with calf-high white vinyl boots or my pretty black vinyl boots for now.


New Pic?

Nov. 14th, 2003 01:13 pm
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Okay, so I'm being a camera geek again. I took a photo of me with my most awsome retro-goggles. Except I'm not sure I like the photo. So... I thought this was a good excuse to try out using the poll feature! :) Any input is appreciated!

I'm considering these googles for sorta my new punkish kinda look for conventions. :)

[Poll #205043]

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