Dalek Porn

Nov. 29th, 2005 09:09 pm
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Oooooh baby!

About six months ago, Peggy and I were bemoaning the lack of Dalek porn on the internet.

Not anymore! (link not safe for work) http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2005550115,00.html

Yay! Dalek smut!

(Stolen from ChipUni)
pasithea: glowing girl (Default)
I went outside for a sit at lunchtime and while I was sitting there, a nice big black bumblebee came and landed on my arm. I looked at her and, since I already had my sketchbook out, I started working on a drawing, but she began rather agressively thrusting her proboscus into the fabric of my sweater. Either it was a soft tip or didn't reach far enough to hit my skin. Not sure which but she kept trying, and I really didn't want to be jabbed and drank from so I gave her a light push with the eraser of my pencil but she just tried to shove the pencil away (shove with her forelegs, not trying to sting or anything) and kept trying to drink me up. I gave her a bit firmer nudge and she got sort of indignant but finally took flight long enough to find another bit of my arm to land on. I shoo'd her off again and this time she landed on my pencil and sorta danced around on top of it. what a domineering little bee! After she'd had her victory dance on it's head, she scooted off into the air again. A few minutes later, a honey bee landed on my arm... o_O

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