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Let me just take a moment to say, "Mmmm... Blewit stroganoff."

Quite tasty and purple.

Yes, I'm eating strange purple mushrooms I found growing on the ground.
No, you shouldn't worry. There is absolutely nothing else these could possibly be but blewits. They're one of the easiest mushrooms for a novice to identify. Plus I ate one last night as a test to make sure I had no adverse reactions and I found them to be delicious. :) Sort of very slightly mushroomy with a kind of chicken-fried-steak flavor and a nice texture.

Definitely will eat these again. :)


Oct. 31st, 2008 10:52 am
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This morning, on my way to work, I found Galactus! O_O

Well. Lactarius Xanthogalactus.

It's a type of mushroom classified as inedible because it tastes like burning. Apparently, Finns, Swedes, and Russians eat them by boiling them a couple of times to remove the bitterness and some of the burn.

Spicy pickles, anyone? :)
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Wow. Wish I had a camera! Who'd think I'd get so lucky as to ID _TWO_ types of mushrooms I hadn't seen before in a single day. First I found the panaeolus species and now, at lunch time, I found a whole mess of Amanita Phalloides AKA the Destroying Angel; The Death Cap; Destroyer of Worlds, and so on.

They're really quite beautiful. Pristine white eggsack that the fruiting body has burst from. The caps are bright yellow-green right now. Except for being the most deadly mushroom IN THE WORLD, they're really quite beautiful.

I mentioned them to a local mycologist I've been talking to. Maybe he'll take a few photos for us. :)

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