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Sep. 6th, 2005 11:42 pm
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So.. I moved recently. I'm still too lazy to photograph the rest of my workspace (It'd require moving my camera, *gasp*) but here's a couple shots of the most importnat parts (IE the drawing table and the animation desk)

Also, in there are a couple of photos of the some modifications I made to the animation desk that I have. When I moved I decided that rather than having the little fold-up disc on my drawing table all the time, I could mount a light on the animation desk and leave the big table clear for other projects. So I built a mount onto the back of the animation desk and got a balast and a light switch and made a new light for it. I also bought a new clamp-light to fit on the desk for top lighting. So um yay! I have real and dedicated workspaces now. Also, if Jon or anyone else wants to come over and work on anything, I still have the foldup which I can stick on top of the desk or something. I've got the animation stand set up too and the computer and keyboard. This place looks like a real studio. Now if it just had a real artist to go in it!

Pictures here

The best part about this new workspace, of course is that nothing is cluttered. there's lots of open space where I can lay in the floor and read (as I did most of this weekend) or anything else I like. It's not like the old place where everything was very tight. More photos later, I promise. Maybe even some of me.

That was the other fun part of my weekend. There's a Goodwill within a short walk of the new house and unlike most Goodwill it has actually decent prices. Not to mention it was Labour Day weekend so all clothing was half off. So I spent half of Sunday crawling the store and getting some good stuff.

Anyhow, I'm off to bed now. Gotta fly a spacecraft tomorrow!

Ohohoh! One more thing. Gotta take photos of Stacey. ^_^ Yesterday I held her down and put a streak of red in her hair and painted her nails green and made her wear a collar and go shopping with me! >:D H0T!
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It's interesting how things stack in my life. I watched The 10th Kingdom a couple of weeks ago. Wonderful piece and it's perhaps put me in an odd fairytale sort of mindset. It was a good way to finish up moving.

In the new house, I have my own room, my own private space where I have all my things arranged just as I want them and no one I have to share the space with. There's open floor I can lay in. There's desks I can write, draw, animate, and work at, my books on shelves all around me, my animation stand, but maybe most important, a return to the old things n my life. My candles and incense which I can burn without bothering anyone, my music. The air is mine. The window is wide and full of sun. It's a peaceful sanctuary to me, something I've not had in close to ten years, something I missed. Something I needed.

A few days ago, I received The Illusion of Life and have been reading a little each night and staring at the artwork, most longingly at the wicked queen of Snow White. She's drawn in such a strange way, her eyes and lips seem to drip, the are molten, not the smooth pleasing olive shape of most Disney characters. They should be horrible but they are seductive, powerful, magnificent. The mirror lied, she was far more beautiful.

Last night, Stacey and I watched 'The Brothers Grimm'. I think it was good to see the 10th kingdom again so recently before seeing this film, we enjoyed it thoroughly, and the evil frisian queen was most beautiful and wicked, though I'm lead to wonder about the quality of 'happy' endings. Yes, in time, Napoleon would be overthrown but at the end of the film, Germany was still held by the French. The queen was not so horrible. Twelve girls to give her eternal youth as well as life? Compared to how the French ruled Germany, would she truely have been more horrible to her people than they were? 12 for immortality is not too much in my opinion. Likely as not those girls would all grow up to marry pig farmers anyhow. Their lives would better have been expended in giving the queen her power. As for the movie, it was enjoyable. It was not a straight retelling of the fairy tales but was mixed around in ways that were enjoyable to me. Definetely worth the admission IMO, and something more to whet my appetite in anticipation of The Corpse Bride and MirrorMask

This morning, still thinking about what Peggy said about preferring Malificent to the wicked queen of Snow White (and craving evil queens in general and not having a copy of Snow White) I watched the DVD of Sleeping Beauty that Stacey had got for me. Funny, I protested when she first got this DVD for me. As a feminist, princess movies tend to grate on me. I do not need to be rescued, I am not a kitten stuck up a tree. I think though, that my experience with princess movies had been more recent ones. The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahantas, and The Hunchback of Notre Dam While the female character is presented as someone strong, in the end, she does not slay the villian, and no matter how strong-willed and independent, she somehow magically falls in love with the Hero. The Little Mermaid is a slut, she falls in love with a guy she sees for 20 seconds and is willing to give up everything for him and has to make out with him to become a woman. Ugh! She repulses me, I'd far rather the Hans Christian Anderson version where she is tricked and can live on the land but each step burns as if walking on hot ash and she dies miserably, alone, and in pain. Beauty and the Beast is perhaps the most loathesome to me. Belle flees town from a big arrogant brutish man to... Fall in love with a big arrogant brutish man. Total fucking sell-out! Die Belle, Die! Pocahantas, I've never liked as a historical figure and I liked her that much less in the movie, and in Hunchback, I think largely the movie was ruined for me by the farting gargoyle statues wrecking what could have been a good film. I was disappointed though that at the end, though the hunchback had helped her, saved her, cared for her, and been her friend, she magically fell in love with the handsome young man and forgot all about the man she should really have loved, once again making women seem fickle, shallow, and vain.

I think what I had neglected in Disney films though was the villianesses. The Queen, Malificent, Cruella, Ursula, Ozma. Each of them beautiful, not in the usual pinup porn for men way as their opponent was, but in a self-confident and powerful way. Our society can't allow such women to exist. They're a threat to the stereotypes, they don't NEED the handsome prince, they know who they are. I can watch the films for them and sneer at the hero, riding in on the white horse his father gave him and the suit of armor that was bought and fitted for him. Happily Ever After is such nonsense anyhow. It implies stagnancy. Better to live and die with passion than exist pointlessly.

Anyhow, I have the widescreen collectors version of Sleeping Beauty and I looked at the features and noticed there was a commentary track which has commentary b Eyvind Earle, Mary Costa, Ollie Johnston, Marc Davis, Frank Armitage, Mike Gabriel, Michael Giaimo, and hosted byt Jeff Kurtti. I watched the movie with the commentary track on and I have to say this is one of the best commentary tracks I've seen on a film. Most commentary tracks are a bit of backpatting, a bit of memory and eulogizing over past friends and aquaintences and a few interesting nuggets about the production of the film, things going on at the time, little known factoids, and so on. The commentary track for Sleeping Beauty is mostly about the design elements in it. How the shots were composed the way they were, the feel and stylization they were trying to achieve, how shapes and colour schemes were used, and on and on and on. They also mixed the sound so that the background audio rose and fell in time with the commentary track, adding life and production value to it. I really hope more commentary tracks in the future take this kind of approach, it was really great to listen to.

Now I'm going to go back to avoiding the internet and lie in the floor with my cat and read. Good day for it. Maybe later I'll see if [ profile] prickvixen minds if I drop by for a visit.
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Last night, at long last, the internet was fixed and the bytes once again poured down like rain upon the soft flesh, yeilding to temptation. Alright, really, I didn't do anything on the computer once the net was restored. We had a lovely (Six Grapes) port, soft cheeses, artisan garlic bread, and salmon jerky. A quiet and civilized evening. Nice to take a real break from moving and unpacking. The port was a bit stronger than I realized though. One glass and I was rather quite drunk. Ohwell. Good food and some good sleep. I'm feeling better now. The stresses of the last couple of months seem to finally be washing away.

In other news, I refound a game that I saw a couple of years ago (Thanks to [ profile] singedrac): I really like the look of it. This is the sort of stuff I should be doing with Flash.

Also, the site: is pretty awsome. A collection of Flash games. I'll have to check out more of the 'adventure' section. :)

So. Life is getting back to normal, going to switch to unpacking a couple boxes per evening and doing some freakin' artwork! I've been dying to do more animation. Although, I'd also like to have the house presentable sometime in the near future. I think though, that when we're done unpacking, sorting, and getting rid of junk, the new house is gonna be a lot nicer than the old one.

BTW: Toys! I think we're going to be giving away a lot of toys soon. I'll make lists when I know what we have. Friends get dibs.

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Being a zombie was interesting. There were a number of aspects to it that I feel like writing about.

First off, I think the concept of this mob was great because you didn't have to neccisarily bring anything. If you were someone that easily suffers from Stage Fright, all you really needed to do was wait until you saw the mob and flash them the sign and they did the rest. After that, you're all covered in gore and in the mob so what's to lose? Mob mentality takes over and you aren't afraid to crawl weirdly up the stairs in the Apple store.

Second, being dead really does give you a new outlook on life in many different ways. There were a lot of people that were like, 'Woah! What's that! Zombies! OMFG ZOMBIES!!!!' and there were a lot of people that were like, 'AWSOME!!!!' grabbed a camera. So many photos. Then, much like Shaun of the Dead there were a lot of people that were even more zombified than the zombies. They didn't notice the zombies until they were surrounded by a shuffling mob of moaning undead. Then there were the digified people who tried not to notice, and last and least, the few whingy late teen boys that were like, 'Du. that's so stupid! These people are so lame.' Though they were a small but vocal minority, they gave me the most pause for thought. 1) As a member of a group that I had no emotional attachment to whatsoever, I was able to look at their responses with complete detachment and not feel defensive or angry at them but instead feel completely sorry for them that they couldn't enjoy what literally thousands of other people (not even counting the zombies) were getting such a total charge out of. 2) I felt a bit sorry for my younger self because I recognize a time in my life when I might have been one of them. Particularly towards people like [ profile] queenofstripes and [ profile] xydexx. The last thing I learned about people is that even in character as a zombie I seem to be a lot more alert than most of the mainstream. Being a zombie gave me some insights into what it must be like to be 'normal'. Just shuffling along with the flow and never really doing anything else. I may never make anything of myself but I spend every day on fire. Some additional slurs towards the 'average american' here. )

The last few interesting things about being a zombie really came after being a zombie. The weird looks I got in the women's room were hilarious. When people stared I just said, "Tragic Lipstick Accident." (I was covered in red) And finally, after I put on normal clothes again (haha! Jon and I stripped in a parking garage! There's something I'd not have done 5 years ago) I was walking around for about half an hour expecting surprised expressions on people's faces when they looked at me because I'd gotten used to being something people slackjawed at.

Anyhow.. Zombiness was good. Chinese food was good. Hanging out with Jon without our whole entourage was the best.

Now I'm going to take that nap.


Jul. 30th, 2005 11:48 am
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So. Peggy was gone when I got home last night, just like that. Poof. I didn't really say goodbye. I guess I thought she'd still be there when I got home last night. So I guess my last words were um, 'I think I'm going to go take a shower.' Although when I was headed to bed, I was singing that song that goes 'We'll meet again, don't know how, don't know when, but sometime we'll meet again..' It'd played on one of the 40's music programs I've been listening to and stuck in my head (likely for obvious reasons) I guess it's as good a way as any to exit. Sort of odd though, to just fade like a radio station as you drive out of range.

Things are trudging along. The house is cluttered badly. So much left to do.

Last night I made thai curry and invited Ashy and Jeff over (Dascha and Julia are gone for the weekend so Jeff was alone) Seemed very quiet. Odd. Peggy never really made much noise but she was always around. Psycho sematic, I guess.

So. That's all on that. I haven't heard from Jon so I may skip the zombie thing. Who wants to have their brains eaten alone? Besides, I really should be packing and working and such. *sigh* Howcome fun stuff always has to happen when I'm broke and in crisis? I swear that I'm not like that all the time.
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So, what's a good webhost that's fairly cheap? I have ~250M of stuff but I could strip it down to well under 100M. I want something without advertising. I use TCL, Perl, PHP, and JavaScript but I could get rid of the TCL pretty easily.

The owner of TWU has been making a lot of racist statements about muslims and I cannot in good conscience continue hosting my stuff on his site, even if it is free. I can put up with a lot of things but I cannot tolerate racism. I downloaded my accounts and backed them up. I'm ready to move.
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Perhaps the best thing about moving is the opportunity to re-examine your rat's nest of treasures and get rid of a bunch of it. Certainly that's the perk for me. I realize now that part of the reason I've been so slow to start is that Stacey tells me it's not worth getting rid of X Y and Z small things because I should spend time packing. But it's not true. a cubic foot of stuff here, a cubic foot there, it really adds up. So tonight I'm on the cull! Much junkness will be eliminated.

Stacey isn't the only person that tells me to keep junk. I have dozens of old sketchbooks dating back to 1990. All of my artist friends say 'You should keep them, you'll regret it in 10 years if you don't!' and yet I have more than 10 years of sketchbooks and I wouldn't regret having got rid of them.

I do recognize that not everythign I did in the past was crap. There's stuff that was eureka moments and stuff that has sentiment to me and even a few things that are good concepts, no matter how badly rendered they might be. So what I think I'll do is go through at least all the spiral bound books and razorblade out the few bits I think are important to me and put them in a binder and toss the rest. It's 20 or 30 lbs of dead weight and 3 cubic feet of space that I can clear up. Also, if I have bits I care about in a pre-culled format, I'm a lot more likely to actually look at it. There's no need to be so attached to physical things.

Tonight, I clean!
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You know, moving is an adventure and I should be treating it more like that instead of a burden.

As long as there's public transportation I can take to work, I wouldn't mind a long commute. Actually, since I convert back to 10hr days later this month, even a long commute by car wouldn't be too bad. Especially once I'm back in school. I'd becoming in at 6AM and heading home at 10. My commut from Santa Cruz took 45 minutes at those times and 2 hours at peak commute times.

So, I should think about this. Where do I _WANT_ to live? I mean I could ride the train up from Gilroy or down from San Francisco if I really wanted to. For that matter, I could take the Santa Cruz 17 express if I were so inclined.

I miss Santa Cruz a lot. Might be nice to move back there. Sun and beach. The city seems to isolate me from the woods. I need to wander as much as I need to paint and animate. Definetely a possibility. Stacey has friends there and my friends are always looking for an excuse to go there. No good korean markets though. No kimchee. But... surfing and hiking. Still a long commute but I could try out books on tape.

There's also the mystic appeal of 'THE CITY'. I've never lived in any real city. Always in the country or in the suburbs. It might be an interesting change to live actually _in_ San Francisco.

On the other hand, I'm likely to get the most space for my money with living pretty near where I am now. It's not all bad. There are lots of good supermarkets here and I like living somewhere with real actual cultural diversity. More practically, I like DeAnza and I'd like to actually get a degree in _something_ one of these days. *sigh* Stacey and I looked at a place yesterday. It met all of our technical requirements. I'm going to drop off a form today. It's a little run down. Also an apartment. Not even an end unit but one between others. At least it's upstairs/downstairs so only 2 neighbors but... I dunno. It's smaller than what we have but 200 less. No yard, of course. Not even a yardlet. No deck either. No outdoor space. If it were an end unit, I might be able to cope. I guess all I really worry about is being able to work on projects and noise when I'm recording sound. It's affordable and a middle unit. I know it'll be screaming kids on one side, loud TV sitcoms on the other.

I suppose since it's a 1.5 bath and the downstairs one was in the middle of the apartment and rather spacious that I can pad the walls and use it as a sound booth. That'll work. Also, it gives me the opportunity to have a darkroom again. That'd be nice too. So it's not the end of the world but it seems like I'm giving up a lot for $200/mo. (Although, realistically, that is 1/6th of my current rent, so it's not surprising)

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