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Well... The riser at least. We have the first step in place and the second one cut but not yet tamped down and positioned. First one is of course the hardest. I had to cut the asphalt of the road to match the face of the brick and then, since we're on a hill, the brick has to go below the level of the road at the high end so making that transition nice and easy was also a small challenge. The bright news is that things only get easier from here. Step 2 has less fiddly work and step 3 has almost none and the rest are all pretty identical until we get to the first landing.

In addition to the color, the new bricks are more or less all around better than the pink bricks. They're a consistent depth so I'm not repositioning the saw as often and they're thicker walled and denser. Makes them slower to cut but also means they'll take more abuse.

I'm still so excited about going to Burn that I can hardly think. I straightened all the stakes we use for our tent, mended my boots and coat and a couple other bits of clothing and I'm about half way done making a new cover for our car. Rest of the stuff I need to do is pretty easy. The only other big task is that I'd like to do a little retouch work on some of my airbrush paintings. So... Excited! Must.. not.. explode!

Thanks again to all the people helping me out at the last minute like this! In my head I always feel like I'm alone and that no one would spit on me if I were dying of thirst but.. I'm just going on a vacation and a bunch of people have just shown up out of nowhere and given me various forms of aid and support. I really really really appreciate it. One of the major things I'm hoping to work on by going to Burning Man this year is working on how I relate to people. Not having a lot of 'close' friends there with me will sort of force me to interact with people and work on learning to socialize better. So... Thank you, thank you thank you! *hugs*
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Finally a weekend were it wasn't raining the whole time and disasters were kept to a minimum.

On Saturday I built an elevated frame for the bed so we now have lots more storage space, though with the boxspring, it's a bit like sleeping on a bunk bed. We're well over a meter off the ground now.

We also went to see Kick Ass which well.... Kicked ass... It's my favorite super hero film since Mystery Men It's also the first film I've seen where Nicolas Cage was tolerable since Raising Arizona

On Sunday, I started working on the cabinet doors to put on the elevated bed frame. Can't afford a router right now so tried using the dremmel tool since it has a router attachment.

1) The dremmel's router attachment SUCKS. You can't tighten the guide down enough so it goes all over the place as soon as you start using it. Also, the tool is too light to use properly as a router.
2) The dremmel halted and caught fire right in my hands. Pretty scary. No harm done to me but not my favorite way to stop a project.

So... Now my cabinet door pieces are sitting and will be sitting for about a month. *sigh* But at least I can put the under bed stuff away for now, even if it's not all beautiful.

After the dremmel fire, I switched tasks and worked in the garden for a while. Stacey grilled us a bunch of vegetables and tofu and we sat outside and had a rather pleasant evening. I really love it here. So peaceful.

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