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Ooooh! Today I found something I've been looking for for years!

No. It's not an alien artifact. If you said, "Wow! That looks like a HUGE pine cone!" (that thing in the background is my sewing machine for a sense of scale)

You're closer than you think. It's the cone of Araucaria Araucana, the monkey puzzle tree. It is a 'living fossil' which evolved in the Cretaceous period (That's a quarter billion years ago) Modern conifers are descended from it and its cousins. It's actually rather fascinating how similar its cone is to that of other conifers (except for being about the size of a soccer ball and weighing twenty pounds)

It takes these guys decades to get much bigger than a shrub and they may be half a century or more old before they form cones. It takes them a staggering 18 months to grow a cone to maturity and they don't seem to fruit every year. Unlike a pine cone, the cones are also pretty easy to open and the seeds are huge (about the size of an avacado pit) and they're good to eat, so when they do drop cones, squirrels and the like make short work of them.

I've been fascinated with these guys for a long time, but they're both uncommon in my area and protected. I've never seen them for sale anywhere. There is however one that is in a parking lot between my house and work. Judging by its height, it's probably ~150 years old. This morning, laying on the ground beneath it was a broken cone (the cone in the photo is probably about 2/3rds of the full size of its cone) and on the way home, I found another ~1/2 of a cone dropped by the same tree. Squee!

It turned out that about 70% of the seeds I collected were probably not viable. They're much smaller than the viable seeds so it's pretty easy to tell but I still managed to collect a staggering 50 seeds though two of them had been run over by a car. We ate the car-damaged one. The flavor is a bit hard to describe. Very mild, kind of between pine nuts and jicama. Not bad really. Even the one that'd gotten run over had what looked like a potentially viable germ in it. Hurray!

So... I planted 10

and have another 20 that I put in cold storage (per info I found online, this will hold them for a few months) It can take a few months for these guys to germinate so I want to hold onto some viable seeds until I have strong seedlings.

That leaves 18. If you are interested in trying to grow one or you'd like to taste one, let me know and I'll set it aside for you. I'm going to take the rest to work tomorrow to share with coworkers. Of course, if I am successful with the seedlings, I will have more little dinosaurs than I know what to do with and some of them might need homes too.

Given their appearance and extremely slow growth, I bet they might make interesting bonsai.

Yay trees! ^_^
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I keep forgetting to write about this. It falls in the category of "My baby did the cutest thing the other day!" Read at your own peril! )

Foody bits

Nov. 25th, 2003 12:37 pm
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I keep forgetting to post this! Stacey are cooking a buncha food on Thursday. If anyone is hungry, stop by. :)
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Well... So... I'm still working on the video for Tobias the Adequate and I'm discovering that editing live video is a lot harder than working with a plan. I'm finding I'm needing a lot of things I don't have. Close-up shots, crowd shots, and a boom mic.

I think I've finally gotten into doing what I can with the footage I have though and I finally have something like a plan to finish up the rest of it. Here's sorta a rough first-pass of the first few minutes. Any input would be majorly appreciated.

About a 5M Quicktime movie of Tobias the Adequate

Okay. I see several things to fix already. That weird edge flicker at the beginning and the first part of 'The women are laughing for different reasons than the men' is missing and needs to be put back in. The audio is rough but I think it's as good as I'm gonna be able to get and so far at least I've been able to cut out all of the revving trucks, airplanes, cel phones, screaming children and other weird background noises that are around. I've also developed some new talent for working WITH ambient noise. The 'Theme Song' is completely unique one of a kind mixing music from Matthew's show, the parades at Ren Faire, and the people laughing in his crowd. There's also some great ambient noise in the introduction of 'The Coat of Loki' with these deep horns sounding mystically in the background as he talks about it. Also, the ringing of a bell when he's talking about the ship's bell. So... I'm learning to make the noise my friend rather than my enemy. Or perhaps it's just 3AM on a work night and I've lost my mind.

Anyhow. I think I know how to finish up the rest of it and get it done in a day or two. Any input, suggestions, feedback, etc would be much much much appreciated. Also... Tobias the Adequate is AKA [ profile] roon just for those that don't know!

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So... We went up to San Franciso today with [ profile] perlandria and [ profile] paka Fun day! Lots of walking, though we may have tired them out. Looked in lots of stores. Amazingly, most places did not have ANYTHING in standard fall palette (The colors I chose) San Fran shopping district is also obscenely expensive but I had a lot of fun looking and trying stuff on anyhow. Also, I didn't feel at all uncomfortable or intimidated in stores today. In the past I've felt weird being in high-end department stores and boutiques. Today I dressed the part and went to look and felt totally comfy. Yay for layers! I looked good and was warm!
Banana republic had the kinds of things I wanted but they weren't priced for me to want to buy there (Though woo I wish I could afford the camel hair coat they had there. *purr*) Ultimately I did score pretty well at Ross and got 4 skirts and a wrap. Didn't buy at any of the spendy stores. I think I'm happmmimer mthmis way tho. ore options to try and experiment with. Still no wine/burgandy or dark tan/mustard sorts of colors though. *sigh* Ohwell.
So many things I want to talk abut but I'm really sleepy right now. *sigh* Going to have to write more tomorrow. Starting to blank out.

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This weekend looks pretty busy. FC staff meeting tomorrow morning, filming for [ profile] roon on Sunday plus some twinkie thing with [ profile] centauress (if I can't squirm out of it) Umm. Lots of housecleaning in prep for Julie's visit, homework, artwork I want to catch up, try to finish Free As a Bird Inking and do some photography of it. Some more work on FCTV commercials, hang new shower curtains! Fold laundry. Maybe do some work on You're So Brave and see if I can't finish up some other Illustrator stuff I wanted to do. I've been slacking on weekends lately. Gotta stop that. Back to work time!
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So... Today was [ profile] kategod s birthday. Dunno. We aren't really very good friends or anything. I think sixs months ago we probably had each other /gagged. Though I think that sort of thing is mostly because of me. Half my friends list is people I used to be a screaming bitch to and only later learned that I was the screaming bitch and they weren't really such bad people.

Anyhow. She's a dragon and I got struck with this silly idea of a dragon lighting candles on a birthday cake rather than blowing them out. So I decided I'd try animating it just for fun. *shudder* I used flash as it was actually made to be used. As a cut-out art animation tool. I broke up the character into pieces like you would to do cut-out animation, then reassembled the layers in the right order. All in all it was fun but the results are a little stiff. It can't compare to drawing each frame. Very fast type of animation though. I think I only spent about 3 or 4 hours on this total including several corrections and the result looks pretty clean and is small to load. All in all a worthwhile experiment. :)

Anyhow. Happy B-Day Kate. Hope ya like it!


Oh yeah! URL to animation!


Jul. 27th, 2003 12:47 am
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I wassa bad girl. I haven't written my paper yet or got much done in the way of housework or artwork. Instead, I went hiking with [ profile] centauress, [ profile] merin, and [ profile] salia today. We went to Perry Grant again. Very very hot and that place is infested with wild pigs. *shiver* We musta seen at least a dozen of them including a male razorbacky-looking one complete with full-body mohawk. I fear the piggies!

We also saw about a dozen wild turkeys. Oooh! Turkeys are much cuter than wild boar. I like tha turkeys!

Anyhow. After we hiked in the hot hot sun for a long time, we went to the mall to cool down 'n' Stacey bought me this really nifty wooden snake which is what I stop-motion animated, then photoshopped a bit to make this icon on this post! :)

Not sure I'll keep the icon. The animation is a little rough. The snake, though is really cute and he's got a LOT of potential as a stop-motion animation puppet. I named him Mr. Slithers. :)

All in all, a fun day if a smidge unproductive. :)


May. 5th, 2003 11:10 am
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I finally got paid last Friday 'n' went shopping for the weekend. I guess that's what I wanted to do for my birthday. Crawl thrift stores and bargain bin type places. (Okay, I can't be perfect, I have a few bad habits.) Anyhow... My spouse abandoned me. :/ I thought she was gonna crawl thrift stores too but she elected to call some gamer friend fo hers and hang out with him, leaving me alone. *sulk* She hates to shop. I don't know what's wrong with her. She shops like a man. Then again, I'm weirdo. When I do the thrift store thing, I like to try on at least one TOTALLY AWFUL outfit and see just how bizarre I can make myself look and giggle that someone actually once paid money for this thing.
Anyhow, because of the downer mood, and being dressed way too warm (It was cold and rainy in San Jose so I figured it would be colder and more rainy in Santa Cruz, but it was sunny. Who knew?) I didn't find a single thing I liked and spent most of Saturday afternoon feeling mopey. (A rarity for me. I usually come away with at least one good outfit.) I think Stacey realized she'd blown it and apologized for ditching me.

Then we spent the evening at the drive-in and stuffed ourselves on hotdogs and cheeseburgers. Watched X-Men 2 and Daredevil (well.. I fell asleep during Dare Devil but we'd already seen it in the regular theatre)

Sunday we continued our gluttony and sloth and went to dim sum for lunch, and then to Ross. I got a sleek new leather portfolio type bag to carry all junk in. (Think gigantic purse of doom!) Much mroe stylish and professional-looking than the green hiking back-pack I'd been carrying stuff in. Aso got some jogging clothes. (Uh-oh)

The only other birthday type thingy I got was a present from [ profile] tigrise and Tanan. A Negativeland CD. Yay! It was a really nice present actually. very well thought out 'n' I like it a lot. Stacey hadn't heard any Negativeland before (my ex sold all of my CDs to support his smoking habit) but she liked it. 'n' I gotta say...
Car Bomb is a GREAT song for driving over H-17! :) Will have to remember to take CD out of car before visiting family in Oklahoma though. I can't imagine some of the songs would go over very well with them.

So... All in all, not a bad birthday weekend type thingy. I tried not to art or work all weekend. Challenging, but I think I needed some relaxation time. All in all, this weekend was much too short. I wasn't really ready to come back to work today. Ohwell. Que sera sera. There's a 3-day weekend at the end of this month. I'll just look forward to that.
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So... While looking for film, I found a buncha rolls of undeveloped film and decided to run them through processing. Lots of OLD photos of Stacey and I. Kind of warm 'n' fuzzy finding a cache of all these happy memories hidden on those rolls. Of course, I also found a lot of fun stuff... Like... This:

And several more like it. Click the picture and you'll see them all stuck together into an animated spinning-[ profile] roon >:D I wonder how much he'll pay me to take this down. :) Okay. It's a bit jumpy. The advance on my 35mm is manual and I wasn't trying to make animation at the time, but still fun. Hee! My parties always make people feel like this. :)
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Talked to [ profile] kibbles on tha phone just a little bit ago for no reason other than because I'm not the only one that like to talk voice with random semi-stangers in the middle of the night. Very cool person and muy kwaii accent! =) For those that don't know, back in my really mean and bitchy days, I was really viciously nasty and slanderous towards her 'n' despite that, she was one of the first people to give me the benefit of the doubt in this whole 'turning over a new leaf' thing. I think I've changed. Hope so at least. I feel less alien and angry towards the world than I did a year ago, and certainly way less than a couple years before that. Don't know if I could have done it without the trust and compassion of a few people though. I'm really thankful to have had such a positive change in my life.
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Went to Santana Row to film Matthew, actually even arrived on time! (Stacey stayed home, see... :) Anyhow, I filmed all three of his shows so with any luck I should be able to put together some usable footage. Though in retrospect, I should have filmed each showing from a different viewpoint and then edited them together with a single soundtrack... Hmm. Lighting would be a problem though. Maybe I should try that on a day when its overcast.

Anyhow. Matthew and Ami were there, then Chip and Eli showed up, following shortly by Dawn and Kelly, and finally John and Esther.... O_O Lotsa people. This stuff is just ruining my reputation as a mad hermit! :P Geez. What's wrong with me. Took Jeff and Dasha to see 'Spirted Away' again on Friday, helped Marty and Leo (another student in my class) move the animation compound, and now this.... I miss my dark damp cave! *pout*

Ohwell. It was sunny out today! I like sun! ^_^ Soo. I was gonna put my plants in the garden today but I forgot to water them before I took off this morning and they were a bit limp when I got home so I decided it'd be better not to shock them any more and gave them a bunch of water but am gonna put off planting them in the garden until next week. Eeeee!

Anyhow. Got home, watered my poor little plants and made lunch (fresh tofu over soba noodles with just a little tempura dipping sauce, plus finely minced fresh garlic, ginger, cilantro, and bonito flakes. I also sliced up some pickled diakon and made some deviled eggs as side dishes. I used a soy mayonaise (nayonaise) which makes a fluffier deviled egg filling. All in all, I thought it was a good cool and lite lunch for a warm sunny day. :)

Anyhow, I guess I'd better return to the Bunny Mines now. Still so much to do on the never-ending project.

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I kept wondering why Paka never posted anything in his livejournal. Guh... WHAT KIND OF CHEESE-BRAIN MISPELLS PAKA IN HER FRIENDS LIST?
It's a FOUR-LETTER NAME! PAAK doesn't even LOOK right! Gah!

Okay. I'm gonna calm down now (because I'm tired of typing bold tags. Anyhow. Sorry Paka! I'm a total bean-head, but at least I fixed it eventually. :)


Mar. 22nd, 2003 07:29 pm
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Went to dim sum with Ester and John. Matthew and Amy joined us there. Pretty good food. I still love the rice wrapped in lotus leaves the best. After lunch I rode with Matthew and Amy to Ester's house. On the way we stopped at a garage sale which had several boxes of model trains. Since Jeff and Dasha are big model-train fans, after visiting at Ester's house for a while (She has cute mice!!! :) I confessed I was procrastinating about finishing the bunny animation (much like I'm doing now) and Matthew and Amy dropped me off back at home where I procrastinated more by completing this incredibly bad run-on sentence by walking to Jeff and Dasha's house and telling them about the trains and then going with them back to the garage sale.

... Am I really going to let myself get away with this grammatical atroucity I've comitted?

.. Guess so. Eep! Bad me! Gotta work on the bunny. No time to fix.
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Since they were right next to each when I was reading, I was startled to notice the striking similarity between the user pictures for Peganthyrus and GoldRose Same smile, eyes looking the same direction, same hand gesture, even the same clothing colour. Weirdness.

Can you believe I waste disk space posting stuff like this? I really need higher standards for my LJ posts. No one should ever have told me I wasn't really limited to 3 per day.

PS: Helicopters left. Still dunno what that was all about.
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I got my being social out of the way for the year. We went and visited Matthew (Roon on FurryMUCK) and Amy yesterday, ate their food (including some delicious candied ginger and pickles) then met Merin (from ShojouaiMUSH) at the arcade and played DDR and ParaPara. Merin kicks butt at DDR. I must have looked totally silly. :) I wasn't quite as bad at ParaPara but I still looked silly, I bet.
After that, we had pizza.

Fun but I didn't get much done in the way of work. Ohwell. Back to being a mad hermit now. :) I've got lotsa animation to finish and school starts up again on Monday! YAY!
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Last weekend I came up with an idea for a little short animation I wanna do for FCTV and it required a one line piece of voice acting. The previous week, Lamar on FurryMUCK had offered to do some voice acting if I was ever interested, so I took him up on it today and OMG!!!!!!! I'm a sucker for british accents anyhow and this character is supposed to be somewhat lithe and sexy but !!!!!!!! Cold shower!!! Cold shower!!!! *^_^* Wow!!
I'm gonna get character sketches and a copy of the audio up online ASAP! ... Right after that cold shower!

Must think of something else. Not going to carry on like this anymore! Nuns! Bald kittens! Trent Lott in his underpants!

... That last one did it.

Okay. Going now...


Oct. 23rd, 2002 01:01 pm
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I think I've finally reached some new circle of Hell. As though working full time and taking 13 credit hours of classes weren't enough, I volunteered to help my friends move on Saturday... The same friend that had heart surgery a few weeks ago. I guess I knew if I didn't offer to help he'd try doing it all himself and I'd be visiting him in the hospital again. So I took on most of the heavy stuff and paid for it later. They have a LOT of stuff. More than my packrat SO and packrat me have. They also publish Yarf! so they had tons (literally, not metaphorically) of back issues and printing related stuff. They also moved into a house about four houses up the street from us witht he exact same floorplan as the house we are in.. Kind of creepy in a way.
Then, just as we were about done moving the heavy stuff, I got an emergency call from work and had to drive to Stanford and fix a computer problem. Finally got in bed around 1AM and got no homework done.
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Ooooh! I figured out how to update my friends list! Now I just have to figure out what it's for! :D What's the protocol for deciding on colors? Do people just say what colors they like or do I dictatorially assign them? 'n'.. I dunno if I could deal with the pressure of that! What if I made someone puce? So um... I think I'd better go to bed. I'm getting loopy. :)
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Lotsa things going on right now, I guess. Visited Jeff at the hospital yesterday. He's been moved from ICU to intermediate ICU which I think is good. He had a double bypass surgery. Very scary. They did long cuts on his arm and leg, but he's doing okay and is allowed to have visitors. Probably go see him again tomorrow. I took some photos of his doctor while I was there to show that he's in good hands. I'll post them later.

I also started sort of a silly project. I've been randomly interviewing people and asking them to do an Apple Commercial. (Jeff works for Apple and most of the people visiting when I saw him were Apple employees) It's kinda fun and goofy but I accidently erased my best footage. :(

School starts next week. I'm really looking forward to it but there is so much stuff I still need to do. The classes I wanted to take are full up. Usually not a problem and I should be able to add them, but I'm going to err on the side of caution anyhow. So I putting together portfolios and a demo reel which relates to each of the classes I want to take. So worst case, I can probably bull-doze my way into the class. Still. It's frustrating. I applied within minutes of the earliest possible time I could but because it's my first semester at DeAnza, other students have had all summer to fill up the registry.

Before school starts, I'd also like to finish an animation project I started last year 'Pizza Dude' and get my bulb flowers planted because I know I won't have as much time once school starts. I'm also talking with the Further Confusion people to see about doing a 1-hour panel on basic photography. It could be fun, but I've not done a lot of public speaking so I'm a little apprehensive. I'm also considering joining their DV production crew. This could be fun if it's organized properly. I like doing camera work and post-production. I dunno exactly what it is they're doing yet though, so I'll have to find out. :) Guess that's it for now. Seeya!

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