May. 19th, 2008 01:38 pm
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A pretty boring trip report. )
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Part 1
Hee. The last couple of days have been wonderfully social for me. The planned activities of Wednesday night had to get shuffled around after I met Julia for lunch that day and she asked me if I'd like to come with her and some of her friends from out of town to this place:

Review of awesome trampolines! )

Part 2
Operation Archie Obliteration was a roaring success. Jon, Ashy, me, a ton of curry, custard, a mountain of art supplies, a bad heavy metal radio station, and a stack of crappy Archie comics...

Short commentary on silly art project )
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Friday afternoon, I did a couple of panels and met Matt Harrington (published author and apparently a furry as well. o_O) He seemed okay. Decent to talk to and interesting in terms of having good advice for writing.

Friday night at silicon was a whole lot of nothing happening really. There were a couple of interesting costumes but not really a lot going on. I met a pretty cool woman named Ophelia and I joined her and her friends for Rocky Horror. The highlight of my evening prior to that was finding some of the Lucid absinthe (the stuff legal in the US) and giving it a try. Very nice taste. Very smooth. Anyhow... Rocky got off to a late start. Stacey took me home around 3AM, I think.

Something between the lack of sleep, not taking moda, and the absinthe apparently triggered a massive sleep-cycle. Bloody fucking waste of time sleep. I returned to the convention around 5PM the following day. :(

I'd come out of costume but saw enough costumes in the hall that I decided to try out wearing the purple prickle in public. After another hour and a half of dressing and doing make-up, I was ... an instant success. Wave upon wave of people kept running up to pet my costume and ask for photos. The most common cry was, "Oh no... You didn't! .... You DID! You made an outfit out of koosh balls!" ... I may forever be stuck with the nickname of 'Koosh' now. >_<

So um anyhow... The thing that made this even better was that there was apparently a 'Women of Faith' convention going on at the same time. Ooooh did I get some sour looks for Jesus. :) It was glorious. I was the most hated of sinners. Every time I walked past their group, they'd just glare with hate. This helped me to be quite social, chatting with people, hugging, posing for photos, things I might have been shy to do normally. Thanks Jesus freaks! Your contempt made me a much nicer person. :)

Well. So... After a while, I ended up on the party floor and had a drink or two, when I was approached by a strange little man in a fez.

Not long after that, I found myself standing on an auction block, my purple outfit accented with glowsticks and Klingons calling out bids for me. I was apparently quite a hit (and so drunk I was having quite a merry time of it), fetching drinks for my new Klingon overlord and enticing other Klingons to declare him the greatest of all warriors with my ticklish little villi. Oh dear. Heh. At one point, I'd also foolishly clipped my badge to my skirt and it'd caused a little tear and slowly it began to rip down the side (much to the thrill of all present) So... Towards the end of the night, I slipped my coat out of my bag, put it on, then hiked up the edge, gave a tug, and ripped the rubber sheath the rest of the way and gave it to my Klingon lord as a trophy.

I'm officially invited to all Klingon parties for at least the next decade. *^_^*

Um so anyhow... The costume design needs some work. Version 2 should be a little less fragile and less revealing but overall it was a total success.

Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do for the OddBall. My goal right now is to keep making lots of cheap costumes and wear something different at each event. :) It's strange to have my alter ego of PartyGirl back in my psyche. She was trouble but I kinda missed her.

Also, I really need to learn how to pose without giggling and blushing. I'd do well with a few more severe looks.
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Purple Prickle
Originally uploaded by DigitalVG
Okay! Keep or chuck? I spent about an hour making this thing out of some 'googly balls' I got from Wallgreens for $6 for the big one (the miniskirt) and $1.50 each for the 2 for the bra and the cuff. The front straps on the bra are fluorescent purple zipties and the rest is spare bra straps. This set is fluorescent purple. I have materials to make similar costumes in fluorescent green and yellow.

The collar (which flashes with multicolored LEDs) I scored at the flea market last weekend for a dollar. :)

It's like tight-fitting rubber fetish covered in soft rubber spikes which are interesting to stroke. The skirt is semi see-through and I'd probably wear panties with it.

I'll probably put it with calf-high white vinyl boots or my pretty black vinyl boots for now.



Oct. 1st, 2007 01:42 am
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Not entirely worksafe pics behind cut )

[ profile] prickvixen and I did throw-together costumes. Hers from stuff she had laying around and mine ran < $10 yet somehow we were the belles of the ball. We couldn't get more than about five feet without being asked for a photo. A major improvement over the last time I went to Folsom. I wasn't shiny then. I had long brown hair and my 'throw together' costume was to wear my motorcycle leathers. Oooh.. Gee. That's HOT... NOT.

Anyhow... Much thanks to Ashy for inspiring my costume. She said she was going to do something medical themed and due to the short planning period and work and stuff, I hadn't come up with anything good. Trips to the thrift stores had also proved unfruitful in inspiring me, so I decided to play off her doctor look and be a patient. (This seemed way better than my fallback idea which was a black vinyl mini-dress and platform boots)

I'm really glad I went ahead and followed that. Everyone wears black. It's so uninspired. Especially an off-the-rack dress and boots. Sure, that look is sexy but being patient was exotic. Far far better.

Now I just need to figure out a costume for Silicon next weekend and maybe decompression if I go.

Then I have to figure out a costume for the OddBall. Oy.

The downside of the Folsom street fair experience was that in my haste to be clever and pack only a minimalist purse, I forgot to pack my credit card so we had no money or food. On the positive side, I didn't spend any money that way. The other negative was definitely the traffic. Ugh. There was some bloody football game. We drove up in costume of course, so we got oogled by the sports fans. They acted like they'd never seen a woman wrapped in ace bandages before. Hmph!

Will have to hunt around on flickr in a few days and see if any photos of us spring up.
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Taking a glance at the Folsom Street Fair web page, I noticed THIS:
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Hmmm.... The Folsom Street Fair is this coming Sunday. Anyone want to go? I think I may.
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Swiped from Dagosi. Clowns are awesome!
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So. I'd realized that playing the guitar was one of the things stressing my knee because of the way I sit. So yesterday I got a strap. Took me a little bit to get the feel of it. Slightly different than sitting some how but I have it now and ...

I played so hard I destroyed my knee, but today I grew more metal still.
I was playing so furiously I snapped my pick. Rock!

(Okayokay, it was a THIN pick. This is a really non-metal accomplishment but you don't know that. For all you know I was using a um... Switchblade! Yeah! As far as you know, I was using a switchblade for a pick in it exploded in a shower of sparks as I hit an E minor chord!)
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Just looking around for some noise, I stumbled into this. Very cool. :)
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Crutches are surprisingly a lot of exercise. Give your legs a hug for the are awesome and mighty beyond our puny knowing!

Okay. Before anyone worries, I'm fine. I had a tragic EXTREME museum tour. (In other words, I cleverly managed to sprain my knee while walking! Wow! Talent!)

Anyhow. I'm fine. It's not even swollen or bruised, just a little sore and I'm supposed to stay off it for a bit. No hiking, no biking, no dancing, and absolutely no more museums! They're deadly!

But now I'm going to hop into bed! Hop! Get it! HA! Lame joke! HA!!!! Lame! I kill me! (and that should hopefully kill any pity anyone might have been feeling for me. :)
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After a few days of diligently stroking the PrickVixen, I can now smoothly switch between C, Em, G7, and G chords without any hesitation. I can hit F fairly consistently and transition from G7 to F or C to F with only a little hesitation, and I can play through several simple songs including a chorded version of Little Brown Jug and Scarborough Fair... Look out ren faire! Here I come!

The rest of Happy's book looks pretty easy. F is the last named full chord in it although all of the songs have markings for optional chords and many are ones I don't yet know so I could go back through and learn to play those songs again with the chords or I could move to another book.

Next, a little piano practice and some drawing.

In other news, got my hair cut today. Still waiting on dye to re-color it but I like this stylist a lot better than the last one. In fact, I think she's a definite keeper. She even told me it looked like I was doing a great job bleaching and dying my own hair and since that was working, she'd suggest I keep doing it myself and save money. (She has rainbow colored hair too BTW) Though she did suggest I might try a darker color like a green or blue. (which coincidentally is what I was going to do next) So that's good.
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The DDR hard pads I ordered last week arrived Friday, making me both happy and sad. Sad because one of them has a short and doesn't work right. I've got an e-mail out to the guy about replacing it, but worst case, I can fix it myself. It's a pretty simple device.

As for the one that works. *JOY* I haven't felt this level of relief of user frustration since I switched from Windows to Mac OS! It's that big a difference! OMFG metal pads rock so hard compared with the fold up mats!

I played for about 2.5 hours on Friday, then about an hour in the arcade Saturday with Stacey and a friend, and then another 2.5 hours this morning! So fun! In just a couple of days, I'm much much better than I've ever been in the past. :) Almost entirely because these pads don't slide around the room or mis-register steps. Huge huge improvement!

I think I'm going to rest a little bit now though. :)
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I did this the other day.

When I moved I switched which train station I use when bicycling to work and I'd been lazy and not updating my sticker because the bike station is closed due to maintainence. Then I remembered that I could just make my own tag and it didn't even need to be something as plain as the official station tags

I put em on chartruese sticky labels and then put gloss medium over it.
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So... The wobble in my rear wheel was because I'd snapped a spoke (I suspect when I hopped a curb at ~25MPH and landed badly, using my wheel as a shock absorber) Anyhow, it's going to cost about $20 (including labor, the part is like a dollar). *shrug* I still have no remorse about kicking that guy's bike tho. Spitting on someone is assault (Not to mention just f***ing vile) However, I am now left feeling stunned by how apparently fragile spokes are. I've never broke one before (not counting times where I completely totalled the bike) and now here I've broke three in one weekend.


Jun. 28th, 2005 10:03 pm
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The skateboard think is totally rocking for me! I've been having a great time and I go and practice just about every evening plus the parking garage at Stanford on weekends. :) I still suck but I'm improving! I took a step back from ollies and went back to basic stuff like quick turns. I've just about got the right-hand quick turn relearned for about 45 degrees at speed. 90's easily from a stop and I can pull a 180 (stopped) about 50/50 without falling off. I'm about as good (stopped) with left-hand turns but my lefthand quick turns at speed still suck the big one!

I've also been getting a good bit of use from my body armor. On Saturday I took a nice knee-grinder spill on one of the down-ramps in the garage. Woulda hurt bad if I'd not had pads. Instead I just scuffed my knee pad real good and took no damage. :) Today, while trying to do 90 degree snap-turns at speed I took a few more really impressive spills and landed nicely on elbow pad and shoulder for a little roll but again no bruises. :)

Rag doll is getting beat to Hell, but ohwell. That's the nature of skateboard art. :) Besides, it only makes her look creepier. Not sure how long I'll have this board anyhow. I've done several (accidental) long grindy tail slides while trying to do wheelies and quick turns and stuff. Been really brutalizing my poor board. :)

Anyhow. All in all I'm having fun and it's providing much-needed stress relief plus it makes me drink a lot more water, and that's always a good thing! :)
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So. Yesterday I did some real skateboarding. I tucked my board through the loop of my backpack and bicycled to the train station, then practiced slaloming the handi-cap signposts at the bottom of the ramp. At one point I tried to do a super-fast turn by grabbing the signpost as I went around it and left the sign ringing for about 2 minutes as it wobbled back and forth.

At work at lunchtime I took my first decent-length ride, going over to Terman on campus to get a sandwich. Lotsa different terrain. Concrete, no problem, asphalt, no problem, brick, no problem. Those metal grating pedestrian bridges. BRWAAAAAAAAAAAZT! Man those things are loud. Came back a different way. Basically did alright. At least I remember how to steer and stuff.

After I ate, I finished up some stuff I was working on and started a long job that needed to run and I went out to the parking garage. It's 5 stories and totally empty on the weekend. Booya! On the downside, it's textured concrete and is slick as Hell, so when I went around corners I was getting about THREE FEET of sideways slide when I wasn't crouching much. Pretty awsome. It made terrible noise and I could just see that any second I was going to take the skin off my elbows. Coming down the straightaways, I slalomed the line-divider turtles. I got more confident on this when I discovered I could run over one and stay on the board. (At first I was hitting every other instead of every one) but I got where I was kicking the board and squealing the wheels to dodge back and forth between them on the downhills. Still though, a lotta fear on the whole falling down thing. :)

Soo. After about a half hour in the garage, I called it quits (I was out of water) skated back to my office, finished up work stuff, then called Stacey and asked if I could by some armour. She said yes, so I bicycled back to the train, rode down to the Sunnyvale station, then from there to Fishbank. They had a 'set' of knee, elbow, and wrist-brace for $21 and a helmet for $25 so I got both. (Especially since the cops apparently love to ticket adults at the skate park if they're not wearing gear and the fine is ~$165. (What is it with cops anyhow? People have hobbies, what's the point of hassling them? I mean I know cops hobbies tend to include 'being an asshole' but seriously, they need lives)

Biked home, geared up, then skated to an empty parking lot behind some buildings near the train bridge and practiced for about an hour trying to do an ollie, quick turns, and stuff like that. I did a few fairly-decent wheelies and about three tail slides that made me go, 'Booya!' but nothing real exciting. Spent about an hour there, then skated to 7/11 to get Stacey chocolate as promised, decided it was too expensive there and rode down to Safeway, and got her chocolatey goodness, then skated home (total loop is probably about a mile)

So far I haven't fallen down but man was I sore last night! (Curiously, I feel fine today though) Skating makes me drink a LOT of water (about 4 liters yesterday, and I still felt dehydrated this morning) and it makes me stinky! (Oh glory be the showers!) :) Anyhow, fun though. Rag Doll looks even more goth now that she has scratches down her face. :)
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Goodbye 80's, Hellooooooo 70's!

That's right! Despite being sick and the rain, I dropped below 180 today! Okay, ya, it's like 179.5 and the second I eat or drink anything today I'll be over it again but that's fine, it's a consistent downwards trend! I've "Have you ever been Mellow" and "Boom Boom Dollar"'d my way down to a new level! Now I just have to "Keep on Keep on Movin'" :)

Anyhow! *JOY* If I keep this up I think I can actually make my goal of 160 by the end of January. The question is... Do I want to mess with my doctor when I go in to see her or not? :) I was thinking about wearing a couple of layers of baggy clothes so she can't see I've lost weight until she weighs me but that might be sorta mean. :)


Nov. 14th, 2003 02:43 pm
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So... What is dark, wet, cold, wet?

The reasons for foiling my bicycling to/from work. Stupid daylight savings time changed and it was too dark to ride home so I had to wait until I got paid to get lights for my bike and then it started raining and then the rain stopped but I was sick and then I got well but now its raining again. It's like some force is going out of it's way to annoy me.

Anyhow... I'm still losing weight, I just shifted to doing more DDR and such. Still... Frustrating! I like riding my bicycle!

Evil Shoes

Sep. 5th, 2003 12:54 am
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Make a long story short since I lot my other post and it's been that kind of month.

I wore those evil blue exercise-feeling shoes today and they tricked me into bicycling 12 miles.
Waugh! Evil shoes!

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