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Jan. 29th, 2008 04:53 pm
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In summary: I had a good time. If you'd like details Read more... )
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When I was at Silicon, there was a gothic lolita/anime fashion show Sunday. I went to go watch it. My biggest complaint is that they just told people to parade across stage and that meant that the average person went across the stage at nearly a dead run. Average time on stage per model was about 20 seconds tops. Didn't give me much time to draw but I did manage a bunch of really fast gestural drawings with some hints as to their costume to remember the parts that were interesting to me.

So earlier this week, I went back and fleshed them out a little more. Of course, my memory is terrible so these costumes are half wild-guesses and imagination. Anyhow. Some of my sketches are behind this cut )
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Oh. That's someone else's animation.

*sigh* so I'd like to report that I'm done photographing now except I'm not. I've got 4 tricky shots left to do. On the bright side, I have everything inked. There may be a few misc backgrounds that are missing but with the method of editing I'm using that's okay. I can add them in as I find them. Ugh. Anyhow. Need to sleep. Hope there's no FCTV meeting tomorrow. That'd be a great boon.
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I finished up the animation of my first (and probably lamest) FCTV commercial. Itsa Flash animation one.
The commercial I'll probably
reuse the little plane for another couple of commercials but I promise most of the ones I do will look better! Anyhow, it will have some sound. airplane noise and a voiceover but that's about it.

Any input would be appreciated. :)

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I'mf inally a little less sleepy and back into doing a bit of video editing, so I transferred the Godzilla movie that was done at FC2003 to my website. It's huge, like 20M but I bet Zamiel will like it! So if you've got the download time and you can view DIV/X, here's one of the things you missed if you weren't at FurtherConfusion 2003: GODZILLA

The guys in the costumes were great and Valden did a FANTASTIC job with the filming, then I went totally gonzo with the audio track! Fortunetely our editing station was connected to the internet so I started doing google searches for 'Godzilla Roar wav' and 'Gamera Roar wav', etc. The footsteps are just a hand on the mic (with a paper towel over it to muffle slightly) played at different volumes depending on the force of the stomp and where they were in the scene. I also varied the volume on monster roars depending on how far back in the scene they were and whether on camera or not. :) The 'exploding building' and 'falling monster' sound effects are actually the sound of WWII mortar shells exploding (with the falling whistle removed and the length of the audio changed slightly) All in all, I don't think it was so bad for two hours of editing. It was certainly a blast to do! I always wanted to make a Godzilla movie! :)

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I'm finally back from the convention and making content and such... I'm sooo tired but it was wildly fun! In the end I produced about a dozen commercials for FCTV, five news programs, one godzilla movie, and I helped keep the station on the air for four days solid!
I'm told that the channel was a huge success (and if that's not true, don't tell me, I wanna keep believing it) On Sunday, our programming had higher ratings than the Superbowl! (Okay, for the hotel, not the world, but it's a start) I'll be putting up commercials and other stuff I did in a few days but I'm gonna rest first. :)
Everyone at the convention was great! I worked a lot with Chip_Unicorn, Roon, Moth, Kiala, and Spuds. All of them are GREAT people! I never knew that running a TV channel was so hard though! The first night we were on the air, I was up until 5AM making sure the station would stay running through the night and then back again at 8Am the next morning because the morning shift hadn't come in and we went off-air for almost five minutes! This was the only outtage during the whole convention though. I ran from my room and played cartoons until I was able to find out what other content to play. :)
The highlights of my time at FCTV were probably people's reactions to the commercials, making the Renegade News, and the BEST! Editing the Godzilla movie!!!!! I put probably a thousand sound effects in that on 4 different audio tracks! it was so much fun! I was told that one of the Guests of Honor asked for a copy even! People really really seemed to love it. Right after it aired, the MainStage area filled with people asking them to run it again. they played it twice on the giant projector and then again on TV that night for the fans. All the backstage crew was smiling and hugging cause we had all been working so hard and were so tired and I think that was the moment we started realizing that we were a huge success!
anyhow, I can't wait for next year! with more than three weeks to work on commercials and such I'll be able to do some stuff that's really good! :)

Apple ][

Dec. 27th, 2002 04:37 pm
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I admit, I'm pleased with myself. Last night I fiddled with the commercial a bunch more. I took the washed out copy I had and made another copy without the washout. After fiddling with the channels, I discovered that he was mostly reds and the background was mostly blues, so by playing with the channel values, I was able to get a version that was dark blue and bright red. Then I dropped the colour out of that, making a black and white image. Then I adjusted the brigthness and contrast to get pure fields of black and white. I exported that to an animation program and cleaned up the bits of white in the black and bits of black in the white to get solid fields. Then I brought that back into Premiere and applied a gaussian blur to it. (Whew. That was a lot of stuff!)
So? Why did I do all this? It was like the masks I used in my previous movie. What I had at this point was a mask I could use to put the normally-lit character into the washed out background. This kind of mask isn't perfect, of course, or I'd have just matted him onto a white field, but what I was able to do was dim the mask down to a transparency mask so that I was overlaying his colours onto the washed out colours of the background. The washed out version of him under the rich colour version of him filled any of the holes I missed in my mask.
I'm fairly pleased with the result. The finished video is now where the washed out one was. I moved the washed out one to chmarr_old.mov and I put up a chmarr_bad.mov, which is the original video with no filters applied, just for comparison if anyone is interested.
Anyhow, all in all, a good evening worth of work. :) I think maybe I should consider changing my name from DV_girl to DV_QUEEN :)



Dec. 25th, 2002 11:36 pm
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So... Sunday morning I filmed the 'Switch' commercial for FCTV. I guess it went okay, except I let a friend of mine do the lighting instead of letting my SO do it, so the lighting was a bit bad and also, despite my asking Dasha FOUR TIMES to get a scripted monologue from Ch'Marr, it never happened, so the shooting took much longer than I planned. They also chose to work during the daytime which makes the lighting worse, but all in all, I think it turned out okay. There's a few things I still need to work out but here's what it looks like right now: Ch'Marr Switch As usual, any input would be appreciated. Also, if you don't know what this commercial is referencing, check out http://www.apple.com/switch
Gotta go to bed now. Gotta work tomorrow.
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I guess this a multi-entandra... There's a new Star Trek movie out, though you wouldn't know. It's not running at any of the local theatres. I haven't seen any of the last two or three so I'm not that upset about it. Still. It's weird. I thought Paramont was a major motion picture company.

The next part? Well. Now that school is over, no rest for the wicked. I got roped into helping with FCTV for Further Confusion 2003 so I'm now making a bunch of little video shorts for furry convention. If anyone has any cute and simple ideas, I'd love to hear them. I'm doing all kinds of things. Animation, video, stop-motion, etc.

So that brings me to the wreath... We had a big wind storm a couple of days ago. Luckily I'd cut the dead snags out of my trees so they were okay, but the tree in the yard of the house behind us had not been trimmed so it lost some branches and brough down a really nice bow of tightly clustered fir needles. So I decided I'd make a wreath with it....

If I could have found my flower arrangement wire (and before you shun me, let me explain! I use it for claymation figures! Really!) this might have turned out well. I couldn't locate it though, so ultimately, I ended up using a bunch of green twist-ties that came with the garbage bags. It took about three hours to make something somewhat wreath-like that didn't completely sag and made a total mess out of my living room with dropped needles, and I have a bazillion little pokes and scratches on my hands now, but there is something somewhere between a circle and triangle hanging on my door, strung with christmas lights that at least somewhat resembles a holiday wreath.

Well. My partner liked it anyhow. She gets really blue around the holiday time and we're very low on money this year, so we hadn't done anything christmasy. Anyhow. It was an interesting experience. Not sure I'll try repeating it next year.


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