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My plan for today was to get up early and come to work and get caught up on some stuff since I spent much of yesterday at a court house.

Alas... Yesterday I lent Stacey my train pass and somehow this morning I forgot to ask for it back and did not realize this until the conductor asked me for a ticket. *panic* Fortunetely, I ride enough that I didn't get a fine, but I did have to get off at the next station instead of the station I wanted. It was only one stop before mine and the weather was nice so I decided I'd just bike the rest of the way.

Now there's a bike path that goes along the side of the train tracks between the Palo Alto and California St stations and it's a pretty ride and has no cars, so I went to take that. Unfortunetely, there's also some construction. To make a long story short, there isn't access to the bike path right now and I took a quick detour into a vacant lot... Which was filled with those tire-killer thorns... My tires took about 20 of them... Each... On on each tire hissed when I pulled it, so I expect I'll be walking home this evening. On the positive side, I can now identify what plant generates those things and where I was most frequently picking them up from.

Mad it to work by 9:30. Not quite what I had in mind. :/ Ohwell. I'll stay late.

PS: I blew my second interview with Lok last night. Again, my own fault. Ohwell. Best to get all this bad luck out early in the week. Supposedly I get my implant tomorrow. I feel like Captain Barbosa. "And the first thing I'm gonna do is eat a whole busshell of apples!" Well, maybe not, but it'll be freakin' nice to not speak with a lisp anymore. That's been really crushing to my self-esteem and makes me stutter because I start thinking about how stupid I sound rather than what I'm supposed to be talking about.


Jul. 27th, 2005 10:18 am
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Looks like it's official. My job ends at the end of September. :/
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So... Last night I accidently set a post to private instead of friends but it's okay. It was just me being spastic and panicing.

Stacey wrecked our car last night. She's okay, the car is insured and I only have two classes left in the quarter and can ride the train to work so no one need worry. Just thought I'd mention it now that I'm calmer.
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My animation stand is now all lubed up and operating like... uh... A well-oiled machine. At any rate it moves smoothly now. A couple more parts and it'll be ready for action. I still owe Jake some artwork for transporting it tho. Eeg. I need to get cracking on that.

Anyhow. I got the dishes and laundry and animation stand tune-up done. I also sat in the living room and watched TV while slacking on my little old notebook, but I did not find any computer sex. Bah. I get interested in that every once in a while but am way too fussy to actually sack up with someone, so I just angst and make myself depressed instead. Probably just as well. My mood is a bit unstable just now.

Anyhow. I'd like to say more about mood and perception and self doubt and psychosematics and a bunch of other stupid big words but I think my mood is taking a turn towards the darker and I should go lie down and sleep and hopefully I'll be better int he morning. :/
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Well. After all my whining this weekend, I thought I'd mention that I'm trying to move forward. I talked to a couple of people about the style thing and mostly got an answer of 'study more' which was frustrating, as I study a lot. Finally I approached someone that I sort of look up to artwise about elements of style and she made the same suggestion but in a slightly different way, and somehow that made it click. Such works a mind of brillance, I suppose.

I guess it wasn't so much that I wasn't studying enough but rather the way I had been approaching a study of style. She too suggested more study and studying the work of people whose art interested me, but she added the key phrase, "Don't be afraid to blatantly copy." This is something I've always been shy about. I think in part because I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and copy work would be stuff I wouldn't be comfortable showing (though I've been told it's okay if properly annotated)

Of course, I'd heard before that it was okay to study other people's work and take parts you liked, I guess it wasn't much new, but for some reason it made it click. The _way_ I had studied other people's work in the past was to spend an evening looking at their work and then drawing from my memories of it at a later time. Since my visual memory is less than stellar, this resulted in me drawing the same way I had before and being very frustrated with the results. My new strategy is to study interactively. Spend a few evenings studying and drawing from the art that interests me, while it is in direct view, then going off on my own once I feel I have foudn the rhythm and natural flow of the parts that attracted me. In short, I was trying to incorporate it into my use too quickly. I need to do a bit more gruntwork first.

She also suggested I study Preston Blair (which was convenient because I alreadyhad a copy of his cartoon animation book for my animation class) I had read the book cover to cover, but I guess I hadn't really spent enough time paying attention to the simplicity and elegance of his character designs. All I had absorbed was the information about timing. So now I'm rereading it, making a close and detailed study of his character designs. I am also re-reading Burne Hoggarth's book, "Dynamic Anatomy" in paralell with Blair's book to keep some balance between realism and stylized. Hoggath's book is the opposite. I learned more reading it than I did looking at the pictures, yet I feel I've learned his rules fairly well and now it's time to study Blair and learn how to (successfully) break those rules.

Anyhow. More on this topic later I wanna get back to drawing.
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New picture for my LJ. Got tired of looking at me. (Imagine that) Anyhow, this is an Illustrator tracing of photograph I put up a while back. Blah. At least I played with line weight a little.

Its funny, Peganthyrus Made an entry yesterday about the very thought that has been plaguing me for days. Style. I have none. I've gotten reasonably good and producing accurate copies of things but I really lack style and dynamics. My artwork tends to feel very flat, staged, and static. I've really been trying to work on this in my animation class by simplifying characters and doing walk cycles. (I'll post some of these later in another post) But my methods all feel very mechanical and my results are uninspiring.

How does one gain style? I have tried to learn art by staying fluid in my mediums and tastes. I've done everything from sand castles and beach collage to oil painting on canvas, and while I think I've learned to render and represent fairly well, my art has all the style and grace of Trent Lott's head or a 1980's cubicle. I can copy other people's styles with fair accuracy but even in copying lineweights and curves and angles and colour schemes I still somehow manage to snuff the life from my work. On a larger scale, this is a problem with my life as a whole. I have to wonder what is wrong with me.

Anyhow, enough angst. Moving on to brighter things.


Film Final

Dec. 10th, 2002 11:17 am
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*sigh* I hope my instructor is understanding. Otherwise I failed. I hate Microsoft. Deeply and intensely, more than I've ever hated anything. I put three weeks into the writing and planning of my movie, 4 days into filming it, and 2 full days into doing the editing. It was perfect. It would have been the best movie in the class.
Except that Windows is the most awful piece of junk in the world. :/ It _WOULD NOT_ output my movie to video tape correctly. I spent 6 hours trying to write a 7 minute movie to tape but all of my work was ruined. About every 30 seconds there was a half second of black space in my movie which cut into important scenes and dialog and broke up the flow... And this was the BEST version I got. I've output dozens of short films using the same software and never before had this problem. :( I have one of the fastest processors on the market (1.8Ghz AMD) and 512M of the absolute fastest memory available. (2600 DDR), A pretty-fast harddrive and Firewire and yet Windows was STILL not able to perform as well as a Macintosh 660AV made in 1990. :/ My next computer is a Mac. I'm sick of Windows.

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