Oct. 31st, 2011

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Been a fairly quiet weekend.
Finished a bit of art.
Cleaned up some of the debris from the trees being taken down.
Worked out the design for some furniture I want to build.
Built and learned to crudely play a didgeridoo.
Spent several hours practicing with a bamboo flute. Starting to get a good feel for it.

Not very useful or productive but relaxing, I guess.
pasithea: glowing girl (Default)
I wish that when I was a child and it was easy that I had been encouraged to learn other languages and had access to learn them.

I've spent the past few hours reading translations of Baudelaire and I can feel that I'm really missing the beauty of his verse.

I wish I had the time now to learn additional languages. *sigh* Handicapped again by my parents and a system that just doesn't really care.

But hey, common white-trash parents like my mother are real proud they squirted out a baby, even if they were utterly incompetent in helping it become something better than what they were. This is why I'd never have kids. I know I come from garbage. Even though I'm far evolved from my parents, I would never be able to give a child sufficient tools to really excel in life. My own upbringing was simply too crude.

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