Jul. 25th, 2011

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We took a break from working on the stairs this weekend.

PG&E are being wankers and have decided that they are not going to remove the trees they said they'd remove last year so we're getting estimates to do it. Until then, we don't want to dig much closer to the two fir trees because they're dead and cutting roots on one side would potentially lead to them falling and crushing our neighbor's house or something (they're about a hundred feet tall each)

If the wood is good in them, we may get it milled and re-use them when we redo the roof on our house. If not. I'll post some free firewood ads on Craigslist or something.

So we instead spent the weekend sorting stuff in the basement and some flower planting and stuff like that.

We found a new path through the woods to town that avoids the highway more, which is pretty nice.

Yesterday, while hiking, I found a 4" interior diameter hollow log which was exactly what I'd been looking for for an art project so yay!

I also got around to meeting some of my nearby neighbors (Crystal and Jay) Very cool hippy sorts. They've just finished building an adult-sized tree-house in the redwoods in their back yard. Jay has a big art studio in the back and seems to do work that's similar to sculptural stuff that interests me so I may be spending more time over there.

Then last night we went to the Silicon Village Burning Man get together thing. Was pretty cool. Mostly people a little older than us. Artists and tech geeks. Generally very relaxing and met a lot of cool people. Including being invited to some Ukulele lessons that are about a mile from my house. Still working on this whole social thing but it's getting less stressful. It was kind of strange seeing Don and Joan's house without Don and Joan but... At the same time kind of good. The new people there are similar energy and good people and I had the opportunity to tell them some stuff about some of the trees in the orchard that they didn't know.

Finally, spent a chunk of the weekend re-reading (or perhaps reading would be a more apt description) Drawing From The Right Side Of The Brain The last time I read it, I buzzed through about half of it with the attitude, "Yeah, yeah, I know all this already!" and then decided it was 'not for me' and put it aside. This time through I've set aside the ego and am reading it with a more open mind. It is, of course, a very zen/psychedelic book when read properly and I'm a little irked with myself for having been so self-righteous last time I read it. Of course, yet to see if it will make a difference in my work or not. I have in fact already learned many of the lessons. I just took the hard/slow road to do it instead of listening to wiser people. Story of my life really.

Anyhow. Off to lunch with co-workers now.

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