Jan. 20th, 2011

pasithea: punk girls kissing (sexy)
Last night I did a drawing of my character on Tapestries. I think the style of the drawing reflects closer to my old style than the one I developed Sunday night. There are a few elements of the new style but it's mostly the old one. I'm continuing to work on holding the new style and if nothing else, the gained confidence and stuff is at least making it easier for me to draw things that I consider pretty. I think that for a while now, I've mostly drawn 'funny' or 'ugly' drawings in part due to the fear that I observed more directly Sunday night and now feel like I've mostly overcome.

Here's the picture: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5125092/ It is decidedly not my greatest work.

In addition to not being as loose as the drawings of Sunday night and the following day, there are a couple of other artifacts from my more timid drawing style. The heavy cartoon-style outlining of everything, timid low contrast in the color, and a safe palette of colors.

The last one is very obvious looking through my archive. Yes yes. Blue and orange are contrasting colors and so are yellow and purple and I see those two sets of colors used again and again and again in my previous works.

So. I think my goals for the short term for future art projects are to: Do away with cartoony line edges, draw and shade only in pen for a bit to get some real high contrast work, and use more dynamic color schemes and avoid the color orange entirely for a bit. I also need to continue working on drawing in the looser style and I should work more on drawing in more social environments. Maybe start spending some time at coffee shops.

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